Six Common IT Outsourcing Mistakes And Ways To Avoid Them

Six Common IT Outsourcing Mistakes And Ways To Avoid Them

With the ever-increasing market competition and changing consumer demands, businesses are striving hard to cater to these demands and stay ahead of the growth curve. While SMEs lack the perfect infrastructure, big enterprises are overburdened with workloads. Both ways, it’s a variety of outsourcing contracts with external service providers that offers them perfect support – from manufacturing and logistics to IT and back-office work at considerably lower costs.

3 Important Tips for Choosing the Right IT Outsourcing Provider

IT outsourcing can prove to be a great option if you wish to ensure optimum utilization of existing business resources. You might have crystal clear ideas of its benefits and have already decided to outsource. Finding the most efficient and reliable IT outsourcing partners will be the first thing to do. With skilled experts by your side, you will have the opportunity to take your venture to greatest heights.

Why Outsource To India

Widespread globalization has increased market competition to a great extent. Every brand strives hard to carve a distinctive niche in the professional arena to remain competitive in the market and undergoes constant pressure to achieve more in less time with available resources. While large enterprises have the issue of spreading themselves thin, the small-scale ventures and startups face the problem of getting more done with less. Hence it is increasingly important for companies to deliver high performance customer servicing to stay successful in the long run.

Top 5 Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools

With rapid proliferation of mobile technology, mobile apps are certainly shaping the way technologists, organizations and everyday users carry about their day-to-day tasks both in the workplace, while traveling or at home. Most of the world’s population has been rapidly shifting their needs and luxuries to smartphones and tablets running on Android, Windows and iOS. Hence, there is great interest amongst businesses and enterprises globally to provide more personalized services and products through mobile apps to drive engagement with their customers.

Benefits of Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

Are you thinking to develop a mobile app for your business and yet undecided on the choice of platform – iOS, Android or Windows or a cross-platform app that works across all these platforms. Clearly, as an enterprise or organization your objective would be to reach as many customers as possible with an app that engages them effortlessly. Hence an app adaptable to multiple platforms seems to be a more sensible choice.

How To Develop an App Like Uber

Inspired by the success of Uber, many a time we get requests to develop similar taxi booking apps for start-ups, fleet owners or transport companies looking to expand their established taxi businesses in cities around the world. When it comes to ride booking apps, Uber is a trendsetter that revolutionized the life of commuters by offering them all the comforts of a personal car ride accessible on demand minus the worries of ownership, repairs or parking space constraints.

How to set up an Online Store

Setting up an online store is not like your regular blog or website. It requires careful planning to launch an online store that is not only top class in user-experience but also has hardened security features as your customers would be making online payments for your products and services. It is so important for you to provide personalized and end-to-end shopping experience to attract and retain your customers, understand them better, increase sales and maximize your chances of profit to succeed in your business.

Arpo Irro Irro….!!!!

Onam is the most important and colorful festival celebrated all over Kerala with gaiety and fervor.Team Neologix celebrated their 14th Onam celebration in style this year. For a change, all tech n’ gadget related issues ceased to dominate the workplace. Instead we had our smart male techies arriving dressed in traditional mundu & colorful shirts, and the ladies dressed in gorgeous Kasavu saris added an air of grace & elegance to the event.

Things to Consider Before Developing A Business App

It’s simple to understand why you are considering to launch a smartphone app for your own company. As a business owner, you can no longer ignore the importance of an effective mobile strategy. Having just a mobile-friendly website is not enough anymore. To take your marketing and online business ideas to the next level and to engage your customers, you got to have your own dedicated mobile app.