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IT Outsourcing Services For Your Business

You dictate the business environment and your goals. Reduce costs, free up your resources and focus on your core competencies while we focus on what we do best – IT. We are the leading IT outsourcing company in India to deliver solutions to meet your offshore software development needs – on time and on budget.

We Share the Risks – You Reap the Rewards

How we Help

We enable enterprises to take advantage of our IT outsourcing services in India to reduce costs, mitigate risks, overcome budgetary constraints, accelerate time to market, and free up valuable internal resources for core business activities, while offering competitive pricing.

Our IT specialists possess a rich, diverse knowledge of technology & business experience from working on a wide range of IT projects.

With our reputation for operational excellence, world-class infrastructure and the right resources to meet your technical and business requirements, we are the best IT outsourcing company that can add genuine value to your business. Hire dedicated developers from Neologix for on-time project delivery.

Where We Help You

  • High cost savings on infrastructure & technology
  • Full responsibility of delivering IT services
  • Access our advanced IT skills & latest tech expertise
  • Avoid costs of hiring & training full-time IT staff
  • Increase in-house productivity by freeing up resources
  • Flexibility, scalability & security with our services
  • Deep understanding of business IT requirements
  • Over 19+ years of experience in offshore software outsourcing.

Find out how we can help with your
IT needs.

ERP Integration

ECM Implementation

Business/Technical Analysis
Cloud Migration

Process Automation

Workflow Automation

Enterprise Portals & Apps

Software QA and QC

Project Management

Database Management

How IT Outsourcing Benefits You?

A company may choose software development outsourcing when demands put pressure on the existing infrastructure and employee resources. Due to constantly evolving IT needs, the feasibility of developing in-house capabilities in proportion to fluctuating demands could prove risky and expensive. There are several other factors which may lead to a company choosing to outsource IT services to an it software outsourcing company in India.

  • Reduce IT costs: Many IT companies outsource part or whole projects to reduce operational and labor costs which can run to thousands of dollars per year – incurred from maintaining costly IT infrastructure, high costs of recruitment and training of new employees plus perks such as health insurance, employment taxes, retirement plans etc.
  • Focus on broader business issues: When businesses outsource non-core activities or ones which need huge investment in training and management, it helps in freeing up time and internal resources. You can focus on core aspects of your business such as innovation and growth while you let experts handle complex IT tasks.
  • Access to latest technology: The onus is on IT vendors to be compliant with latest technology and to use skilled and certified staffers. This brings to the table diverse technological capabilities and talent to choose from and reinforces competency levels.
  • Reduce workloads: Outsourcing may relieve in-house resources from being overburdened by higher operational demands and enables the company to establish a stronger relationship with its regular workforce. In-house efficacy levels get a major boost as employees find more time to focus on their areas of specialization.

Neologix is an IT outsourcing company India that provides world-class resources to meet the needs of our customers. Our clients can take advantage of our full-cycle software development services delivered to maximize technology ROI, increase cost effective product development and fast product market launch.

We are the top software outsourcing company in India to offer you a technology advanced team of software engineers. Get in touch with us if you have an immediate need of our offshore software development services. We’d love to help.

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