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We help you efficiently migrate from your existing collaboration system to the latest versions of SharePoint and significantly reduce the risk and costs involved in your SharePoint migration process.

Why Migrate to SharePoint 2016

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 is dubbed as the most reliable, scalable and high-performance release ever turning it into a necessity for organizations still on the older SharePoint 2007, 2010 or 2013 versions. With the improved user experiences, compliance & reporting functionalities, migrating to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 seems to be a smart & logical business move.

However, the migration process itself can be daunting for most enterprises. Hence ensuring that your valuable data, process, and configuration is protected from the potential damage caused by a failed migration attempt is mission critical. So, while you will be looking at expert SharePoint consultants like Neologix to carry out SharePoint migration for you, you could do well by learning more about our SharePoint services to ensure a safe and successful migration to SharePoint 2016.

Benefits of SharePoint Migration

  • Powerful design capabilities
  • Cutting edge search and mobile access
  • Better document collaboration
  • More support for larger data
  • Scalability with performance & productivity boost
  • Smooth integration of Office 365 tools
  • Zero downtime patching
  • Protection for sensitive data
  • Significant improvement in workflow
  • Improved collaboration & cooperation experience

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Simplified and Secure SharePoint Migration Process

For organizations planning to conduct a migration from a legacy SharePoint version to the latest release such as SharePoint 2016, there can be multiple challenges. Not only can it take months to complete, it can also generate significant business disruption and cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in effort. Over time, SharePoint deployments have also matured and become increasingly complex, necessitating administrators to obtain a full picture of the risks involved, and workarounds they may need, before embarking on the migration of business-critical content from legacy SharePoint infrastructures. With expert SharePoint consultants and development teams from Neologix at your disposal, migration to SharePoint or upgrade to SharePoint 2016 will be fast, seamless and risk-free. Our SharePoint consultants will analyze your business processes and effectively plan your SharePoint migration to reduce process time and increase efficiency.

SharePoint Migration Services from Neologix

Upgrading a system can be a daunting task, and many organizations choose not to the primary concern being business disruption and fearing the challenge of migrating from established applications to something new. However, migrating to SharePoint 2016 may be the right choice for your business and can lead you to the next level of growth, but only if you carry out the migration process right and with the right SharePoint consultants.

If you are looking to migrate to SharePoint, outsource SharePoint development or want to upgrade your website to the SharePoint platform, then you can consider SharePoint consulting services from Neologix, a top rated SharePoint development company in India. You can hire SharePoint designers and expert SharePoint consultants who will provide your organization comprehensive support and smooth migration from SharePoint 2007 or 2010 to SharePoint 2013 or the latest Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 with a cost-effective approach and lower risks. No matter where you’re starting from, our expert SharePoint consultants will guide you through your requirements delivering a SharePoint deployment which is in tune with the exact features & tools based on your enterprise needs. Please get in touch with one of our experts.

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