Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Services

Whether your focus is enhanced productivity, better internal communications & collaboration or better customer service, we’ll create a solution that is the right fit for your organization.

SharePoint Consulting Services

Neologix is a SharePoint development company providing expert SharePoint consulting services in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE, and other countries for over a decade. Our customers looking to hire Microsoft SharePoint designers, benefit from our top-rated SharePoint consultancy services that drive productivity, increase employee engagement and improve collaboration.

SharePoint Intranet Portal

For organizations with a large number of employees, corporate intranet software on SharePoint is the best solution for enhanced information flow and communication between employees & teams. More than 200k organizations have their intranet built on SharePoint. Help your business work smarter with a SharePoint intranet. Read More…

SharePoint Document Management

We support the online document management needs of your organization by providing a broad set of capabilities to your website with document management system SharePoint. Easily store, organize, and locate documents. Prevent unauthorized access or use and manage consistency and workflow of documents.

Internet or Extranet Websites

Your website should represent your brand with fast modern user experiences to make your users feel at home. Add to this the need for extensive tools and functionalities. Hire the best Microsoft SharePoint designer specialists to build your company a pixel-perfect website design with high functionality and usability. Read more…

Content Management System

A highly capable web CMS such as SharePoint makes it easy for you to create and publish content on intranet, extranet or internet websites in a timely manner with familiar tools. The managed metadata service allows for consistent page layouts and navigation making it easy for content authors to manage data and considerably reduces the management cost for your website.

Correspondence Management System

Is your company’s correspondence management system versatile enough to handle the huge amount of correspondences of your company? SharePoint lets you manage correspondences electronically rather than with papers, fax, mail or other traditional methods. Receive, record/log, appropriately process and respond to and create an audit trail of correspondence received.

SharePoint Project Management

We harness the powerful capabilities of SharePoint for effective project, programme & portfolio management of any size and type. Plan, prioritize, and manage your projects from anywhere and on any device. Easily assign tasks to people in your organization. Store and manage project-related documentation. Benefits such as complex reporting capabilities, live access to team members, project status reports, document management etc. Read More …

Are you looking for an expert SharePoint Consulting Company to redefine your organization’s collaborative needs?

Microsoft Consulting Services – Hire SharePoint Developer

Neologix is India’s leading Microsoft SharePoint consulting firm providing expert SharePoint consulting services and custom SharePoint solutions to facilitate better collaboration, increased employee engagement & automate business processes for organizations of any size. We’ll help you benefit from the latest SharePoint functions, optimize your infrastructure and provide users with modern, convenient and powerful solutions. We are well aware that the future for us in this business depends on the success of our clients. Hence we follow a deployment approach that not only gets you up and running on Microsoft SharePoint in the shortest time possible but also is cost effective to your organization. Our decade long experience in this industry has shaped our ability to develop flexible, practical and powerful SharePoint solutions that can support the business processes of nearly any organization regardless of business domain or industry. Our expert SharePoint consultants can help you take full advantage of Microsoft’s enterprise technology.

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