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If Your Business Runs on SharePoint, Optimize Your SharePoint to Work for You!

At Neologix, we believe in making work efficient with SharePoint.
Whether your focus is to enhance productivity, better internal communications & collaboration or better customer service, we’ll create a solution that is the right fit for your organization.

SharePoint Consulting Services

Neologix is a SharePoint development company providing expert SharePoint consulting services in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE, and other countries for over a decade.

Our customers looking to hire Microsoft SharePoint Consultants benefit from our top-rated SharePoint consultancy services that drive productivity, increase employee engagement and improve collaboration.

Neologix, a SharePoint development company, provides expert consulting for enhanced productivity, improved internal communications and collaboration, and excellent customer service.

Get SharePoint Expertise Now!

You can benefit from Neologix’s vast expertise in working with SharePoint. Our pool of talented SharePoint Architects, SharePoint Developers and SharePoint Designers can help you get the most out of Microsoft SharePoint.

Transform Your Team’s with SharePoint Consultancy Services

SharePoint consulting services allow for secure collaboration and information sharing. With these services, you can work with a team of experts to optimize the use of SharePoint within your organization. This ensures that your team has the right tools and support to collaborate effectively and generate business outcomes.

Whether it is a small business or a large enterprise, our SharePoint consulting services can help you streamline your workflows and increase productivity, no matter the scale of the requirement.

Reasons To Choose Microsoft SharePoint Consultancy Services For Your Business

SharePoint can be used for document management, content storage, and searching organization content based on information access rights. Every business has unique needs and may want to customize the platform to fit its specific requirements. This is where SharePoint offers excellent flexibility.

Working with a professional SharePoint consultancy firm helps tailor the platform to your business needs. Neologix as a SharePoint consulting company can help maximize the platform’s capabilities and ensure that it fits your company perfectly.

It is advisable to hire a SharePoint expert to guide you through the planning and implementation stages of SharePoint, ensuring that you get started on the right foot with this technology.

  • Improved Collaboration: SharePoint facilitates better communication and collaboration with features like document libraries, team sites, and the ability to share files and information efficiently.
  • Enhanced Productivity: SharePoint streamlines workflows and processes by centralizing information and reducing redundancy.
  • Customization: SharePoint can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. You can tailor SharePoint to your unique requirements and processes with various customization options and integrations.
  • Scalability and Security: SharePoint provides security features such as data loss prevention, multifactor authentication, encryption, and scalability to grow with business needs.

Meet the best SharePoint consulting experts, who can make SharePoint work for you!

Why Choose Neologix As Your SharePoint Consulting Partner?

As a Microsoft SharePoint consulting partner, Neologix works with clients by providing core services like:

  1. Expertise: Our experts bring a deep understanding of the platform and how it can be used for your business.
  2. Customization: We offer solutions for your specific business needs, whether integration with other systems or custom development.
  3. Scalability: Our services help scale the platform as your business grows, providing the tools and support.
  4. Support: We offer ongoing support to ensure that you are always taken care of and that any issues are quickly resolved.
  5. Cost: With our services, all your Microsoft SharePoint-related activities are well-managed and within budget, helping you gain significant ROI.

Get the Most Out of SharePoint With Experienced Professionals. Hire a Team of Experts

Expert SharePoint consulting services can help you tailor the platform to fit your business’s unique requirements. With professional SharePoint consultants, you can customize the platform to meet your needs and scale it as your business grows. 

Working with SharePoint experts can help you save time and money by avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring successful implementation. They can guide you through the SharePoint planning and implementation stages to ensure the platform perfectly fits your organization.

Hire a SharePoint Team from Nelogix

Combine SharePoint development, migration, and consulting services into a single engagement.

SharePoint Intranet Portal

For organizations with many employees, corporate intranet software on SharePoint is the best solution for enhanced information flow and communication between employees & teams. More than 200k organizations have their intranet built on SharePoint. Help your business work smarter with a SharePoint intranet. Read More…

SharePoint Document Management

We support your organisation’s online document management needs by providing a broad set of capabilities to your website with the document management system SharePoint. Easily store, organize, and locate documents. Prevent unauthorized access or use and manage consistency and workflow of documents.

Internet or Extranet Websites

Your website should represent your brand with fast, modern user experiences to make your users feel at home. Add to this the need for extensive tools and functionalities. Hire the best Microsoft SharePoint designer specialists to build your company a pixel-perfect website design with high functionality and usability. Read more…

Content Management System

A highly capable web CMS such as SharePoint makes it easy to promptly create and publish content on intranet, extranet or internet websites with familiar tools. The managed metadata service allows for consistent page layouts and navigation making it easy for content authors to manage data and considerably reducing the management cost for your website.

Correspondence Management System

Is your company’s correspondence management system versatile enough to handle enormous correspondence? SharePoint lets you manage correspondences electronically rather than with papers, fax, mail or other traditional methods. Receive, record/log, appropriately process, respond to, and create an audit trail of received correspondence.

SharePoint Project Management

We harness the powerful capabilities of SharePoint for practical project, programme & portfolio management of any size and type. Plan, prioritize, and manage your projects from anywhere and on any device. Easily assign tasks to people in your organization. Store and manage project-related documentation. Benefits include complex reporting capabilities, live access to team members, project status reports, document management etc. Read More …

SharePoint Consulting Services

Are you looking for an expert SharePoint Consulting Company to redefine your organization’s collaborative needs?

Microsoft Consulting Services – Hire SharePoint Developer

Neologix is India’s leading Microsoft SharePoint consulting firm providing expert SharePoint consulting services and custom SharePoint solutions to facilitate better collaboration, increased employee engagement & automate business processes for organizations of any size.

We’ll help you benefit from the latest SharePoint features, optimize your infrastructure and provide users with modern, convenient and robust solutions.

We are well aware that our future in this business depends on the success of our clients. Hence we follow a deployment approach that gets you up and running on Microsoft SharePoint in the shortest time possible and is cost-effective for your organization.

Neologix has been providing its services for more than 2 decades. Our decade-long experience as a SharePoint consulting services Provider has shaped our ability to develop flexible, practical and powerful SharePoint solutions that can support the business processes of nearly any organization regardless of business domain or industry.

Our expert SharePoint consultants can help you fully utilise Microsoft’s enterprise technology.

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