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Our customer, a medium-sized business specializing in producing and distributing pharmaceutical products, came to us to streamline its document management processes and collaboration.

As their operations grew, they realized they needed a centralized platform to effectively manage their collaboration, communication, and document management needs.


The customer relied on legacy email, shared drives, and paper-based processes to manage their work. However, this approach led to inefficiencies, communication gaps, and security risks. They needed a better way to manage their workflow and improve team collaboration.

Also, compliances were a very time-consuming process. They would have been subjected to heavy government fines if they failed to ensure compliance.


After evaluating various options with Neologix, our customer decided to implement SharePoint as their collaboration and document management platform. The implementation process involved the following steps:

Planning: Our customer worked with a Neologix SharePoint Implementation expert to develop a detailed plan for the deployment of SharePoint. The program included identifying the business requirements, creating a governance model, and defining the project timeline and budget.

Configuration: Neologix configured SharePoint to meet our customer’s requirements, including setting up site collections, document libraries, workflows, and security settings.

Migration: Our customer successfully migrated their existing content from their shared drives to SharePoint. This process involved cleaning up and organizing the content to ensure it was properly labeled, categorized, and tagged.

Training: We helped them train their employees to help them understand how to use SharePoint effectively. The training covered document management, collaboration, and workflow automation.

We also provided them with proper training manuals for administration and end users; reducing their dependence on Neologix. 


The SharePoint implementation helped our customer achieve the following benefits:

Improved collaboration: SharePoint provided a centralized platform for employees to collaborate on projects, share documents, and communicate.

Streamlined processes: Implementing workflows helped automate manual processes, saving manhours and reducing the risk of errors.

Enhanced security: SharePoint’s security features gave our customer more control over their content, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Increased productivity: With a centralized collaboration and document management platform, employees could work more efficiently, resulting in increased productivity.

Implementing SharePoint helped our customer improve collaboration, streamline processes, and increase productivity without compromising security.

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