What’s A Payment Gateway and How To Choose The Right One

If you are an e-commerce store owner, then a payment gateway service is a must to process credit card payments. It is the equal of a POS (point of sale) device used to swipe a credit card for payments in a physical store.A buyer purchasing from an e-commerce website at one point needs to enter credit or debit card details to make a payment. The payment gateway is an application that communicates this data securely with the payment processor set up by the bank. The payment processor verifies the card details with the card company (MasterCard, Visa etc.), ensures funds are available, and authorizes payment to the bank on behalf of the store owner.

How Mobile Is Reshaping the Entire Shopping Experience

The online retail industry is booming like never before. Add to it the predicted smart phone penetration to more than 6 billion users by 2020. To address customers’ digital needs and wants, retailers should understand in what way mobile devices are influencing customer psyche and the mobility solutions that drive this growth.Realizing the immense potential of mobility services, smart retailers are competing to incorporate every bit of intelligent technology on their e-commerce websites to enhance online shopping experience for buyers. This digital influence has worked in two directions.

How to Start an Online Business

Over the last few years, the retail industry has been witnessing significant changes in the business environment with intense competition, shrinking margins and choosy customers with a plethora of choices. Hence it becomes more important for retailers to embrace technology such as retail industry automation and e-commerce website development to provide personalized and end-to-end shopping experience to attract and retain customers, understand them better and grow revenues. If you are such an entrepreneur planning to start an e-commerce business or someone with a new start-up idea, there are a list of basic things you need to get started.