How to set up an Online Store

Setting up an online store is not like your regular blog or website. It requires careful planning to launch an online store that is not only top class in user-experience but also has hardened security features as your customers would be making online payments for your products and services. It is so important for you to provide personalized and end-to-end shopping experience to attract and retain your customers, understand them better, increase sales and maximize your chances of profit to succeed in your business.

What’s A Payment Gateway and How To Choose The Right One

If you are an e-commerce store owner, then a payment gateway service is a must to process credit card payments. It is the equal of a POS (point of sale) device used to swipe a credit card for payments in a physical store.A buyer purchasing from an e-commerce website at one point needs to enter credit or debit card details to make a payment. The payment gateway is an application that communicates this data securely with the payment processor set up by the bank. The payment processor verifies the card details with the card company (MasterCard, Visa etc.), ensures funds are available, and authorizes payment to the bank on behalf of the store owner.

Magento or PrestaShop – Which E-Commerce Platform is Right For You

In a scenario where e-commerce is on the uptrend and more and more retailers are competing for space online, a superior e-commerce solution is in high demand. Out of a variety of proprietary and open source e-commerce solutions available, Magento and PrestaShop are the most popular, together powering over 500,000 online shops worldwide. But deciding which shopping cart system is good for your e-commerce website is tough.

How to Start an Online Business

Over the last few years, the retail industry has been witnessing significant changes in the business environment with intense competition, shrinking margins and choosy customers with a plethora of choices. Hence it becomes more important for retailers to embrace technology such as retail industry automation and e-commerce website development to provide personalized and end-to-end shopping experience to attract and retain customers, understand them better and grow revenues. If you are such an entrepreneur planning to start an e-commerce business or someone with a new start-up idea, there are a list of basic things you need to get started.

Why an eCommerce Solution For Your Business Makes Sense

If someone looks at the current trend of customer preferences when it comes to shopping online versus in-store, there seems to exist a fine balance between the two. However with the internet becoming a seamless entity integral to modern living and mobile commerce a reality, online shopping has taken over the fancy of consumers worldwide. No wonder there is an uptrend in businesses big and small seeking online commerce solutions globally.For retailers looking to start an online store, the growth of eCommerce solutions has added in a new dimension to the retailing business. Nonetheless, this has not reduced the significance of “brick-and-mortar” stores as widely predicted.

How Mobility And Analytics Will Impact Retail Sector

With the rapid advent of e-commerce, mobile innovations and technology has transformed the retail landscape to a great extent. Today is it hard to identify businesses without enterprise mobility solutions or data analytics for every potential business establishment. Today we provide our two cents on the future of business analytics and mobility as well as its impact on the retail sector.The year 2015 can be undoubtedly regarded as the golden era of analytics. Apart from an increase in the number of employees accessing business data