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If someone looks at the current trend of customer preferences when it comes to shopping online versus in-store, there seems to exist a fine balance between the two. However with the internet becoming a seamless entity integral to modern living and mobile commerce a reality, online shopping has taken over the fancy of consumers worldwide. No wonder there is an uptrend in businesses big and small seeking online commerce solutions globally.

For retailers looking to start an online store, the growth of eCommerce solutions has added in a new dimension to the retailing business. Nonetheless, this has not reduced the significance of “brick-and-mortar” stores as widely predicted. On the contrary, the trend is more towards providing an omnichannel experience between the two approaches as customer preferences may vary due to a variety of reasons.

Reasons Why Customers Prefer Online Commerce

  • Convenience of anytime, anywhere shopping
  • Saving valuable time and fuel costs
  • Lower prices and better deals
  • Searching for items becomes easy
  • No opening and closing time, open 24×7
  • Gift shipping options
  • Discreet shopping
  • No waiting in queue and pushing through crowds
  • More information and reviews available

However if you are a traditional store owner or someone planning to start an online store, the importance of going online cannot be undermined. An online store can act as an extension to your traditional store. Here are some other reasons which may encourage you to start your own online store today.

Low Start-Up Cost

It costs little to set up a business online when compared to investing in a physical store. You don’t have to spend huge sums purchasing a new building or rent premises, hire professional designers to deck up your store or invest in furniture or vehicles or hire extensive staff.

An eCommerce solution with an online shopping cart system is all that you need to set up your fully functional and professional-looking online store. It has every feature you need to run your online business. The majority of functions like product inventory, payment methods and shipping options can be fully automated. Also there is no limit to the variety or number of goods you can keep on your inventory.

Be Available 24 Hours

The wonderful thing about an online business is your ability to run it 24×7. You are neither limited by specific hours of operation nor by any geographical boundaries. You can make your products and services available to customers even on holidays. You will be surprised how your eCommerce solution earns you revenue even as you sleep. Your ability to manage sales and services around the clock gives you a key competitive edge over physical stores.

Huge Potential for Profit

A physical store may have limits to cater to huge rush of customers efficiently, for example during peak seasons or festivals. With an online shopping cart system however, there is no limit to the number of customers doing business with you at any given time. You can market to a worldwide audience and there is virtually no limit to profits you can make depending on your online presence.

Better Marketing Opportunities

Unlike a “brick-and-mortar” store limited by its physical location, your online business on the web has tremendous opportunity to serve a variety of customers all over the world. There are numerous smart marketing techniques which can gain you global online exposure. Forget spending huge sums on traditional advertising methods to increase footfalls in your store. Your online business can thrive with search engine optimization, a smart social media plan and paid media strategies. Customer reviews and testimonials add credibility to your products.

Better Customer Interaction

Being online, you can provide high-value personalized interactions in real time through your support staff to provide a satisfying experience to your customers. With the help of a well-designed eCommerce solution, you can also provide product information, answer client questions, and resolve issues quickly. This means less phone calls and more sales.

Are you are planning to start an online business or considering it in the future? We have the best eCommerce software development team on board to provide an end-to-end solution for your online business. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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