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The workplaces of today are a lot different from the ones we pushed ourselves to a decade ago. Today, when companies are looking to be more social, creative and transparent, it becomes a requirement to keep the workplace happy. Well, it certainly does take more than money to keep your employees engaged in a happy way. Organization that promote higher degree of engagement also report a 22% increase in their productivity, according to a study by Gallup

Strong employee engagement is good both for both customers and employees. Highly engaged organizations can double the rate of their engagement and the difference is very much noticeable. Engagement also improves the quality of health and thus the attendance level in the organization. High scoring business units for instance report around 48% less safety issues, 41% less health issues and 41% less quality defects

The entire buzz about social is about recognizing that it is the people in your organization can work together to move the brand forward. Social is actually being synonymous with people and intranet is a tool for employees sharing information, their ideas and discussing to enhance the collective ability and performance of the organization.

According to an article by BambooHR, “Employees need to be valued and respected for the time they spend in your organization. If the work life doesn’t match with their personality and acts as a barrier to their personal hours, they are more likely to resign.” There are a lot many deal breakers when it comes to retaining talents but the pressing needs are empowerment, fair wages and flexibility

A corporate intranet is a preferred and recommended solution for the following reasons:

1. Allowing communication of vision : 

It’s not enough to have your company’s vision and values being presented in documents and papers. These messages that are supposed to hold together every member of the organization need to be communicated and more importantly, reinforced over time. A well-placed intranet service promotes conversations about these core values through tools like CEO Blog, social posts, and video messages.

2. Flexibility : 

To be able to consolidate all information into a singular and mobile portal allows for employees to be ‘on the job’, wherever they are and whatever time it is. Remote access to meetings, document libraries, and conferences will keep everyone updated, regardless of their presence inside the premises.

3. Ensuring feedbacks : 

The third vital aspect of employee engagement revolves around the empathy they perceive from the managers and the company itself. Employees need to work in an environment they feel comfortable in and this is perfectly supported by the intranet.

Intranet is a tool to voice opinions, give feedback, share tasks, be updated, and represent the organization. Its role in employee engagement is unquestionable.

Do write to us with your comments and let us know which of these benefits will impact your business bottom lines the best when you opt for the employee mobile app solution from Neologix.

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