Why Migrate to SharePoint – Facts about SharePoint Migration

Microsoft’s new SharePoint release 2016 is not an option but a real necessity for those working on SharePoint 2010 or 2013. With the new functionalities offered by the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 version, it is a smart business move to migrate to SharePoint ASAP. However, the migration process itself is pretty challenging if you are from a non-technical background. Hence you need to ensure that your valuable data, process, and configuration is protected from the potential damage caused by a failed migration attempt. So, while you will be looking at expert SharePoint consultants to carry out SharePoint migration for you, you could do well to remember these critical pointers to ensure a safe and successful migration to SharePoint 2016.

Online Grocery App Development for Your Online Food Store

The emergence of online grocery apps have revolutionized the entire scenario of how customers are shopping for food products. From daily essentials to special grocery items, there’s nothing that you can’t get online. It is still not late for small to medium-sized grocers to enter the growing online food market business. Large players such as Amazon and Walmart are expanding digital capabilities for selling food and beverages noting the increasing popularity of home delivery grocery services. Grocery app development companies like Neologix have taken online grocery business to the next level by developing and designing advanced, innovative and easy to use apps for both Android and iOS.

How to set up an Online Store

Setting up an online store is not like your regular blog or website. It requires careful planning to launch an online store that is not only top class in user-experience but also has hardened security features as your customers would be making online payments for your products and services. It is so important for you to provide personalized and end-to-end shopping experience to attract and retain your customers, understand them better, increase sales and maximize your chances of profit to succeed in your business.