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Case Study


MGMT Adorns a Post-modern Outlook with Neologix’s
Cloud-based Order Management Solution


MGMT Adorns a Post-modern Outlook with Neologix’s Cloud-based Order Management Solution

Applied Industries, Products, Solutions & Services: Catering and Hospitality, Food Ordering System, Restaurant E-Menu, Mobile Solutions for Restaurants.

Neologix has been key to transform our digital footprint, instilling us to curtail various redundant processes on the path of embracing the in-demand.

About Client

MGMT is a progressive restaurant chain in UAE.

Quick Facts

Industry: Catering and Hospitality
Customer: MGMT Restaurant
Customer Locaton: UAE
Project: Online and Mobile
Type: Mobile App
Technologies: Android, IOS, Cross Platfrom: Phonegap Backend: PHP, MYSQL, XML
Completion Date: Mid 2013
Key value: Enabled increase of MGMT revenue by 20%

Project Summary

MGMT wanted to embrace the benefits of the digital communication media by adopting a cloud based Internet and mobile-based solution. MGMT aimed to adapt the solution for its chain of restaurants as and when it evolves and grows

Neologix designed the application to be available online with a simple internet connection and tablet eliminating the customer’s need to line up a queue of resources and ending management hassles for printing and updating menu, and checking on building more accurate order management and interpretation from customer to waiter to kitchen. The application developed enables MGMT to have features like restaurant management, order management, mobile cataloguing etc.

Project Features

Neologix devised many key functionalities for the MGMT Restaurant project

  • Growing customer database: Automatically build your customer information database as and when orders are placed on the mobile app.
  • Accurate sales reporting: Get live sales reports and statistics online via the cloud server. Have your business on your fingertips, error-free.
  • Diminishing resource cost: The entire infrastructure is maintained by the app so hiring people for hardware management will not be required. No call centers / receptionist / waiters to take orders.
  • Secured data management: Regular data backup, secured payment gateways, and SSL encrypted communications.
  • Convenient, no-cash payment mode: Online or cash payment.
  • Zeroing error: Faux pas with orders will be a thing of the past. Orders will now be placed directly by customers and will simultaneously be displayed in the kitchen.
  • Interactive and dynamic menu: Give your customers new exotic dishes, creative names, and mouth-watering photos, by updating your catalogues in a fly.
  • Upsell and delight customers with suggestive options: Suggest accompaniments, e.g. when a customer select wants to know what goes well with Masala Dosa, the application will recommend the same.
  • Attractive combo offers: Give interesting dynamic options like dish for the day or combo options every day.

Technical Snapshot

  • Solution, Design and Architecture
  • Phonegap Technology
  • Cloud based service eliminating need for server maintenance
  • Completely automated application from order entry to billing to cataloguing, negating the chances of human error
  • Run 24/7 without any manual user intervention
  • Real-time data access from anywhere

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