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Case Study

Redha Al Ansari Exchange

Redha Al Ansari Exchange gets itself a Vibrant new Website from Neologix

Redha Al Ansari Exchange

Industry Corporate
Customer Redha Al Ansari Exchange
Project Type Online and Mobile
Technologies Objective Umbraco CMS, ASP.NET,C#, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery
Customer Location UAE

Redha Al Ansari Exchange gets itself a Vibrant new Website from Neologix

Neologix has been key to transform our digital footprint, instilling us to curtail various redundant processes on the path of embracing the in-demand.

About Client

Redha Al Ansari Exchange is a leading global remittance and foreign exchange company with branches across the UAE. Started by the renowned Al Ansari Family, the company offers strong, healthy, competition in the industry and is one of the most people preferred brands in the UAE. The exchange is a family owned business formed in 1945 with strong roots preceding the foundation of the United Arab Emirates. Redha Al Ansari Exchange was one among the first companies to start foreign exchange and money transfer business in the UAE. The Exchange was initially started in 1945 by late Sheikh Ghulam Abbas Al Ansari, the head of Al Ansari family and the father of the company’s founder the late Redha Al Ansari.

Quick Facts

Industry: Corporate
Customer: Redha Al Ansari Exchange
Customer Locaton: UAE
Type: Online and Mobile
Technologies: Umbraco CMS, ASP.NET, C#, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery
Completion Date: Mid 2013
Key value: Enabled increase of Redha Al Ansari Exchange’s brand visibility and customer share by 20%

Project Summary

Redha Al Ansari Exchange required Neologix to create a responsive, and user-friendly website. They needed to have an integrated web-based platform that brings together information, processes, products, and people across organizations. The system required to portray an integrated platform to showcase all products of the exchange.

Neologix developed a highly integrated website that provided Redha Al Ansari Exchange customers to have an integrated navigation and consistent reflection of information. Neologix enabled the Exchange to have mobility by providing access on all mobile device be it iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android or Windows platform.

Project Features

  • Interactive design: Provide users with a personalized, enjoyable experience, with easy navigation between pages.
  • Login feature to stakeholders like partner companies for issuing their Labour Guarantee (a mandatory requirement to distribute salary in UAE, WPS – Wage Protection System)
  • Login feature to stakeholders like partner companies for WPS complaint payroll solutions
  • Device compatibility
  • Attract website traffic: Increase brand visibility and bring website to the top ranking, by optimizing content and making the website search engine friendly.
  • Google Map integration

Technical Snapshot

  • Solution, Design and Architecture
  • Developed using Umbraco CMS
  • Highly responsive design
  • Real-time data access from anywhere
  • Google MAP API

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