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Case Study: Mobile Application

Taxi hailing App Development

Cab-hailing app aimed at users with & without internet access for African cities

Taxi hailing App Development

Industry Travel/Transportation
Customer HelloCabs
ProjectTaxi Booking App
Project Type Mobile Application
Technologies Objective PHP, PhoneGap, MSSQL
Customer Location Botswana, Africa

Taxi hailing app Hello Cabs connects the modern day cab customer to the modern day cab driver in African cities.

It also offers cab-hailing experience for customers without a smartphone or limited data connectivity with a Customer Care App for agents.

About Client

Hello Cabs is a self-funded start-up operating from Gaborone, Botswana which has tried adapting the taxi hailing technology model to the African market by developing a hybrid app which also aims at catering to users without internet access or smartphones by setting up a call center which arranges the trip in the same way the user would do via the smartphone app.

Quick Facts

Industry: Travel/Transportation
Customer: HelloCabs
Customer Locaton: Botswana, Africa
Project: Taxi Hailing App
Type: Mobile Application
Technologies: PHP, PhoneGap, MSSQL
Completion Date: Early 2015
Key value: hybrid mobile app using PhoneGap for Android and iPhone platforms

Project Summary

The Hello Cabs Mobile Application allows users to check availability of nearest cabs and book cabs. Customers can set up pick-up location and drop-off location on the app and process their request. The request is seamlessly fed to nearby drivers simultaneously and quickly accepted. A route from driver location to customer destination via customer location is created and the customer is able to keep track of their cab throughout this route.

Project Features

The solution developed consists of 3 App versions:

  • Customer App: For public users to book cabs via app.
  • Cab Driver App: For cab drivers to manage requests.
  • Customer Care App: Customers who have no access to internet or smartphones can call agent to book a cab.

Once a user launches the Customer App, the Map interface on the Home Page displays cab drivers within a specific range of the user (say 15km). When a cab is requested via the Customer App, the associated cab driver gets a notification on his Driver App. The driver can accept the request from the user and navigate to the pick-up location.

Once a cab driver accepts the request, the customer receives a push notification with cab driver details such as driver name, photo, mobile number, email address and cab number. The user is then able to track location coordinates of the driver on the Map interface until arrival for pick-up.

The cab driver can process billing request at the end of successful trips and also receive ratings from customer.

Technical Snapshot

  • Solution, design and architecture of mobile app.
  • Developed using PhoneGap technology.
  • Highly responsive design
  • Real-time data tracking.

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