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Case Study

Online test and poll app

Innovative online test and poll app for companies & educational institutes.

Innovative online test and poll app for companies & educational institutes.

Industry Education
Customer GoApp
ProjectTest and Poll App
Project Type Mobile App
Technologies Objective PHP, PhoneGap, MSSQL
Customer Location India

GoApp is an online tests app which gives users real time experience of exams with questions and time allocation through which educational institutes, companies and other organizations can conduct examinations with ease.

It also doubles up as a polling app where students or attendees can easily respond to polls or vote using the app on a smartphone or tablet.

About Client

GoApp client came in with a concept of building an app for educational centers and also for various organizations to conduct tests and polls in a very transparent manner.

Quick Facts

Industry: Education
Customer: GoApp
Customer Locaton: India
Project: Test and Poll App
Type: Mobile Application
Technologies: PHP, PhoneGap, MSSQL
Completion Date: Early 2016
Key value: A hybrid mobile app using PhoneGap for Android

Project Summary

The project is aimed at developing a mobile app to conduct online tests and polls.
The app was designed by Neologix with the following core functionalities.

  • Create groups
  • Join groups
  • Schedule test/polls by group admin.
  • Attend test/polls by group members.
  • View results and ranking.

Project Features

The core features of the app are:

Secure Login: User has to enter valid credentials in the app for authentication and access to the app contents. After signing up using email and mobile number, users can update their profile with basic information such as name, profile picture, organization, address etc.

Group Creation/Listing: A user can view group listings, groups created, groups joined and other groups in the app. Groups are listed based on the order of upcoming test/poll in the groups. User can view the groups his contacts has joined and can request for joining those groups if he is already not a member.

Schedule Test/Polls: Group admin can schedule and generate tests or polls. Details such as name, date, time, duration, number of questions etc. can be entered by group admin.

Attend Test/Polls: Group members can attend tests after logging in. A timer is activated over the duration of exam which alerts the attendee prior to expiration of exam time. Once the user has attended to all questions and submitted it, the answers are synchronized with the server.

Results and Ranking: Test results can be viewed at the scheduled date and time in increasing order of rank along with number of correct answers.

Admin Module: Only admin users will have access to administrative functions. Admin user can log in, view app user and group details, and edit general settings. A group admin can view members, tests, polls and edit group information whereas a group member can view only tests and polls of a group and cannot edit group information.

Technical Snapshot

  • Solution, design and architecture of mobile app.
  • Developed using PhoneGap technology.
  • Highly responsive design.

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