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In today’s modern manufacturing era, utilization of mobile devices and applications are drastically changing the way manufacturing industry is operating. In a bid to remain competitive and keep operational processes moving smoothly, leading manufacturers worldwide are turning to mobile technology to change the way they work and deliver products and supplies.

Implementing mobile options in the manufacturing industry is no longer an option, but a rising need to avoid the risk of being stuck in the past.

Enterprise Mobility Management Solution

Scope of Mobility Solutions in Manufacturing:

Workforce Management and Mobility:

Since manufacturing is no longer a local process, mobility gives your staff the ability to conduct normal business operations from virtually any location. Whether it’s plant managers getting status reports or supervisors assigning work orders, access to real-time communications is critical to staying on budget and on schedule.

With mobility solutions, your company can eliminate a need for paper forms to move work order information to and from the point where the work is being performed.

Asset Management and Tracking:

As a manufacturer, an important part of managing your assets is to achieve full visibility into your business, being able to track your plant floor and reduce production downtime and delays.

Now mobility applications supporting EAM (enterprise asset management) can monitor complex manufacturing equipment, quickly detect changes and diagnose problems remotely.

Managers can avoid production disruptions with real-time equipment monitoring, maintenance alerts and automating requests for upgrades. This helps you keep better cost control and consistently keep your production line moving.

Logistics and Transportation:

Today’s manufacturing businesses rely on an intricate system of global operations and supply chains to produce and transport products. Technologies such as wireless sensors give a more complete picture of your supply chain. Using mobile applications, supply chain managers can easily access near real-time information about the location and status of goods during production or transit, alert manufacturing lines of the status of raw materials and monitor in-transit conditions such as temperature and humidity.

With factories and equipment in multiple locations, fleet management solutions manufacturers are able to monitor and track the movement of goods in transit, prevent theft and loss, and increase on-time delivery. These intelligent tools can also help increase routing efficiency, keep track of vehicles in the fleet with GPS tracking and increase customer satisfaction by relaying up-to-the minute delivery time.

Warehouse Management:

Mobile applications and wireless technology are making a measurable impact on today’s warehouse operations by mobilizing inventory storage and handling, optimizing the use of warehouse space and improving employee efficiency.

Warehouse management system when combined with a wireless network, (radiofrequency identification) RFID technology, bar-code readers, mobile devices, and voice-picking applications helps fully extend the enterprise to the mobile worker. This simplifies and streamlines multiple functions in the warehouse such as receiving, put-away, picking, packing and shipping and improves operational efficiency and enables manufacturers to respond quickly to customer delivery requirements.

The Future Looks Bright for Mobile Technology:

World over, manufacturing companies have begun to appreciate the exceptional value provided by mobile applications when designed with their core business functions in mind. Thousands of automakers, consumer goods, IT, chemical, aerospace and defense manufacturers rely on mobility solutions to deliver geographically dispersed R&D, plant floor, warehouse and distribution teams secure access to the resources required to bring products to the point of consumption faster with no disruption in the supply chain.

Key Benefits of Mobility for Manufacturing Industry:

  • Greater operational efficiencies.
  • Increase business revenue/sales.
  • Real-time monitoring of work process.
  • Speed up product development.
  • High order fulfillment accuracy.
  • Better supply chain management.
  • Handle regulatory compliance.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Improve field services operations.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.

Neologix has mastered and pioneered several manufacturing mobility solutions and mobile app development to improve processes and drive operational excellence in the manufacturing industry. With a large in-house development team, Neologix has the capabilities to design, develop and implement iOS & Android mobile applications that allows manufacturers to stay a step ahead of competition in this era of digitalization.

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