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Developing a taxi app like Uber is a much sought after trend lately by both entrepreneurs and enterprises alike. Inspired by the success of Uber, many a time we get requests to develop similar taxi booking apps for start-ups, fleet owners or transport companies looking to expand their established taxi businesses in cities around the world.

When it comes to ride booking apps, Uber is a trendsetter that revolutionized the life of commuters by offering them all the comforts of a personal car ride accessible on demand minus the worries of ownership, repairs or parking space constraints.

Are you looking to develop a taxi app like Uber?

If you are seriously thinking about taxi app development, then you should take a look at some of the features which drives a successful mobile app for taxi service. Also if you have no idea about app designing, than you must hire an app development company to do it for you.

Taxi Booking app such as Uber comes with two mobile applications and an admin dashboard, one is Uber Passenger App for booking and tracking cabs and the Uber Driver App which is used by drivers for accepting requests for mobile booking.

Passenger App Features:

  1. Mark exact pickup location on map by using inbuilt GPS module
  2. Book a cab as needed and track cab movement on interactive map
  3. See estimated fare and personal discount
  4. Text or call the driver right from the app
  5. Rate the driver after the ride
  6. Manage personal information
  7. Automatic execution of payment and even option to split fares with a fellow traveler

Driver App Features:

  1. Dashboard with driver account details
  2. View details of trip – time, date, locations on map, passenger details
  3. View all cab requests
  4. Accept / Decline cab requests
  5. Google navigation support for smooth pick up and drop
  6. Mandatory GPS activation upon login
  7. Waiting time stop-watch with auto calculation of fare
  8. Reports to show statistics of completed trips and earnings

There are some features such as secure login, push notifications, in-app messenger and profile editing that are common to both driver and passenger apps.

Web-Based Admin Panel

The admin dashboard is the control center that allows operators to manage registered customers and drivers.

  1. Register new drivers / taxis
  2. View and manage all registered customers and drivers
  3. Provide quick summary and trip statistics
  4. Manage all finance and logistics

How much to develop an app like uber ?

The cost of developing an Uber clone app depends on the functionalities you are planning to implement, the features you need to customize the app to match your specifications, the design & UX.

The taxi app can be customized with features that are locally acceptable and in demand as we did for Hello Cabs (see below). The final cost for taxi app development depends on the time it takes to implement essential features such as geolocation services and routing, payment integration, communication & notifications, rating & reviewing and user profile/registration. The price may also go up depending on the platforms (Android, iOS, Windows) you wish to support.

As it turns out, giving an exact price without knowing all the requirements is quite challenging but developing an Uber like app can cost roughly $10,000 and above. This is just an approximate price of developing an App like Uber but may differ depending on the features and functionalities you may want the app developers to add.

How Neologix developed an app like Uber for low-connectivity zones

Hello Cabs is an innovative taxi booking app born out of a need to accommodate various customizations required by the client that is based on operational capabilities & limitations in their respective service areas.

This particular start-up operates from Gaborone, Botswana which adapted the taxi booking technology model to the African market aiming to cater to regular users plus those users who are without internet access or smartphones.

For this very purpose, a third interface called the Customer Care App was developed apart from the driver-facing and the customer-facing version of the apps to act as a dedicated offline system. Users can hail a ride by just contacting call center agents who set the trip for the user via the Customer Care version of the smartphone app.

If you would like to know how much your taxi app development will cost or you are searching for taxi app developers to build you an app like Uber, then we are only a click away. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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