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Human Capital has always been a tremendous asset for many industry verticals. The range of skills and competencies presented by your workforce remains diverse and lets you achieve your expected business outcomes. However as a business owner or as part of leadership, you need to ensure proper mechanisms are in place for optimal utilization of this valuable asset. An employee mobile application solution is one viable medium that provides you with clarity on critical performance metrics of an employee, such as:

  • Time management
  • Personnel management
  • Workflow management
  • Scheduling management

Sounds like an interesting proposition? Well, there is a catch though!

There are many experts who provide this type of solution. However if you demand nothing but the best for your organization, then Neologix is the technology expert you need to contact for holistic and effective employee mobile app.

Value proposition of the app

For us, elevating your organizational efficiency is what determines our value. The employee app solution on offer, provides advantages at multiple levels.

Time Tracking – If getting biometric based attendance is your HR priority then this solution is ideal for you. It integrates well into your existing HRMS systems and adds interesting new dimension to it in form of time tracking and attendance management

Internal Communication Made Easy – You get all internal communication broadcasts, leadership messages, and company-wide corporate communication at one single place.

Cost effective – Getting freed from expensive licensing costs is what helps you extract maximum potential from the solution over the long term. Opt for this budget friendly solution and see your productivity increase exponentially.

Clarity in Managing Workflow – Want to have a consolidated view of where your project is heading and what are the different team members doing currently? As a manager, your life is sorted out with its built-in workflow management system

Quick Personnel Data Access – Employee records and other public information is available easily. A credential based member login area gives you access to vital details, such as salary reports, leave status, and internal communication on the app.

Ancillary modules – The system has many other interesting modules, all working together to build your organizational prowess –

  1. Employee Training program
  2. Duty roasters
  3. Employee directory

Incredible RoI – Looking to get amazing RoI from our employee mobile app solution? These advantages help you achieve this significant objective very easily. With zero licensing fees, quick development turn-around time, and awesome customization, your office productivity is certain to propel past your competition

Bespoke Solution – One of the best ways to extract maximum out of the solution is to customize it as per your preferences. And our employee app allows you to do precisely that. As a result, you use only those modules that are dear to you and get terrific RoI by availing of a bespoke employee app solution.

Do write in to us with your comments and let us know which of these benefits will impact your business bottom lines the best when you opt for the employee mobile app solution from Neologix.

Successful Implementations

For more information about our successful implementation at SIA please click Sharjah Airport Employee Mobile App

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