7 Most Popular Advantages of SharePoint

7 Most Popular Advantages of SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is here to save the day! It is a content creation tool used by many corporations. SharePoint can handle information access and simplify workflows between business teams.

You only need a web browser to enable this content creation tool. Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox. SharePoint is the first choice for a versatile document management and collaboration system & which is why it’s famous for building corporate intranets and collaboration sites.

1. Simplified Company-Wide Collaboration

Company-wide collaboration is one of the most crucial features of SharePoint. But how can it be achieved? When various employees work on the same document, changes made by one employee can stop others from altering it. 

With SharePoint, the highlight is the advantage of multiple employees working on the same document. Changes made by all team members are synced automatically, dismissing the issue of different versions. You can also check the document’s version history to know who made what changes.

Not only this, SharePoint enables effortless intercommunication with other team members via chat anytime. This allows team members to share presentations and collaborate in real time to improve productivity and efficiency. It is simply a company-wide intranet alongside smaller systems to keep teams organized.

2. Robust Security Measures

The benefits of SharePoint include state-of-the-art security measures that lower the risk of outages and unauthorized access. To ensure new workflow advancements and authentication enhancements, SharePoint has different features. 

SharePoint similarly enhanced security for vulnerable data. SharePoint allows one to specify security settings to the particular file level, eradicating all security risks. 

We can build layers of sites and systems with a unique license that keeps documents safe. We can configure different settings for handling shareability, repository, editing, and access to help expedite compliance with the industry’s regulatory requirements on data security.

3. Multi-Purpose Functionality

SharePoint provides a high level of flexibility. This collaborative medium acts as an intranet, a synonym of the company’s internal website for data sharing, task scheduling, contacts, and other tasks.

Administrators use this software to assign different authorization levels depending on the user’s status. Moreover, everyday organizational tasks, like file management, document sharing, social networking, and business information, are now readily available at our fingertips. We can use its other built-in content tools like word, excel, PowerPoint, etc.

4. Integration with the Applications of Microsoft Office

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are the backbone of the business world. Being a part of Microsoft Office, SharePoint integrates perfectly with them.

A lot of time can be saved collaborating on different projects while working on other apps. Not only with Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint), MS Unified Communications, and MS Exchange Server, but also with ERP, CRM, and many additional back-office systems.

5. Customizable

One of the most significant advantages of SharePoint is that you can customize it according to business needs. Using Microsoft SharePoint features will enable teams to build custom elements. We can easily change the SharePoint intranet site design, content, navigation, and features. 

Administrators can also change the application’s interface to do company branding and customization to fit the organization. Administration can also improve employees’ perceptive experience with a more safe, more secure, scalable, collaborative, and customizable tool, SharePoint.

6. Central Document Management 

SharePoint is a central repository of content for the organization. SharePoint keeps multiple files in a central location which is very practical when working on numerous projects. 

SharePoint helps prepare and systematize content for various internal departments. It saves time to find what is needed quickly in one place. We can manage documents and permit the related user to maintain the security of those data. We can convert documents into different formats, including Word, PDF, and Excel.

7. Pace Up and Simplify Business Operations 

One of the best benefits of SharePoint is that it offers a uniform and streamlined user experience for increasing the productivity of business processes. We can organize data in one place, send and receive data, track and manage documents, and converse in real time. 

SharePoint’s form-driven solutions store information from suppliers, discussions with customers, or dealings with partners. We can create business intelligence portals and display collected data on dashboards, scorecards, or web parts. 

SharePoint integrates existing business environments and creates rich graphical dashboards with the help of Power BI. We can reduce the costs of business operations to make better decisions.


Microsoft has a mission to help every individual and organization to achieve more. SharePoint is the best option for a versatile document management and content collaboration system.

Despite its less-than-stellar reputation, there are several advantages of SharePoint. We can reduce the organization’s cost, save time, reach productivity, and make informed decisions.

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You can use this practical tool in the future as it will help track and trace consumer preferences or forecast fluctuations in demand and supply. SharePoint is proving to be a milestone in boosting organizations’ efficiency and dealing with issues related to cybersecurity.

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