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If you believe a mobile app is just meant for big name brands, you are highly mistaken. Today, many consumers use their smartphone to access information, products and services. Small and medium-sized businesses need more than just a mobile-friendly website to tap this sizable number of consumers. Right from CRM, sales support, marketing, reporting, training, employee handbooks, to project management, employee directories, self-assessment, performance and appraisal, almost 6 out of 10 employees now use an app for their work related activity

Here are some reasons why your business needs an enterprise grade mobile app… Right Now!

Always Be Visible to Your Customers

A study by Flurry, a mobile measurement and advertising platform, has found 86% of all mobile usage occurs through mobile apps. With the average smartphone user storing 22 apps on their mobile, it becomes imperative that your business has a dedicated mobile app to reach existing and prospective customers. A well-designed mobile application can be an advantage and ensure your business is always visible to its customers

Create Direct Marketing Channel

Besides reaching out to your target audience and providing general information, prices, news feeds and search features, your mobile app can also turn into a direct marketing channel. Your business can use the app to provide information on promotions, deals and special sales. Using push notifications, your business can enjoy a direct interaction with its customer base

Get Access to Invaluable Customer Insights

When your customers use the mobile app consistently, it can turn into a treasure trove of valuable information. You can analyze the habits of visitors to identify the most profitable demographic segments, promising geographical regions and customer needs. The analysis can help your business improve products and services, identify new business opportunities or even develop new products and services to meet the evolving needs of your customers

Build Your Brand and Create Brand Awareness

The dedicated mobile app for your business is like a blank canvas. You can make it informative, stylish and functional so that your customers love your app; and you also can make sure it has your logo and tagline so that you can use it to brand your business. And rules of advertising state that effective frequency plays a huge role in brand awareness and recognition. Nielsen Media Research puts effective frequency at three or more times – this is the number of times your customers need to get involved with your app to positively impact their purchase behavior

Create New Revenue Channels

Your mobile app can also help you open a new revenue channel by monetizing your app. If you get high footfall, you can include in-app advertisements, have paid features or even attach a price tag to the app

Better Customer Engagement

Regardless of what you are selling, there should be a way for customers to reach you. Including a messaging or help desk feature in your mobile app can allow you to have direct communication with your customer and make the app more interactive

Have an Edge Over Your Competition

Small businesses are not inclined towards mobile app due to a misconception that it is meant for large businesses. So many of your competitors will not have a dedicated mobile app. You can leave your competition behind by offering a feature-rich and functional mobile app to your customer base, and prove that you are a forward-thinking business

Nurture Customer Loyalty

And, finally the reason why your business needs a mobile app is customer loyalty. Remember your customers are bombarded with Facebook ads, emails, website banners and even roadside neon signs. This omnipresent, high-volume advertising can, sometimes, cause a business to lose its impact on its customer. By forging a direct connection with your customers, you can stay close to them at all times and cultivate customer loyalty

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