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Umbraco is a powerful .NET based CMS solution with a core system that is powerful enough to run anything from complex corporate websites of Fortune 500 companies, intranet portals or even managing brochure websites. With features like rollback version control, content scheduling, permission based access levels, and design customization, Umbraco has really come up as the best content management system and the favorite CMS among big names across the globe in the last five years or so. It is increasingly being adopted by large enterprises with complex CMS requirement. Right from Heinz and Wired UK, to Microsoft, many big names are embracing the Umbraco content management system to power their large scale CMS websites.

Umbraco CMS – Key Features & Benefits

Here are some reasons why Umbraco can be considered as one of the best CMS for website:

1) MS Word integration-

Umbraco CMS focuses intensely on getting the user experience right. As a result, it emerges as a great technology for non-technical users. Users familiar with Windows Explorer and Word will feel at home using this open source CMS. The site structure is designed in a tree view just like a standard Windows Explorer file/folder view. Umbraco has also provided full integration with MS Word. This allows the users to write or edit content on their favorite word processing program. You can even work offline, without accessing the browser.

2) Not “out of the box” –

Umbraco is not designed to work out of the box. There is a fair degree of customization needed for every implementation. This design was intentional. The development team behind Umbraco wanted the technology experts to align Umbraco to actual business needs of different companies, so that the value derived from Umbraco is much higher than modular out of the box CMS solutions. Though it did add to the initial costs, the ROI derived from such closely aligned technology solution more than justified the costs.

3) Rollback version control-

You can manage your content better with this feature of the Umbraco CMS. It allows you to implement previous version/day’s content in case your current version needs to be discarded. Content managers can easily track which version had what kind of change to the content. They can also do a side-by-side comparison to check the difference between two distinct versions of a document.

4) Better UX for website visitors –

The Umbraco website provides a much better user experience to site visitors in terms of speed and performance. The technology features built-in content caching. It also integrates dynamic caching for macros. Together they significantly speed up the site load time and delight the site visitors.

5) Its free-

Umbraco is licensed under MIT open source license. Thus it is free for developers to install and use. This pricing advantage significantly brings down the overall Umbraco CMS development costs. This helps the developers to pass on the benefits to their clients. Umbraco comes in a professional version. This is just like the free version but has a few additional features like support and extra tools within the site interface.
These features explain why Umbraco web design has rapidly gained market share in the CMS development landscape. It is being increasingly adopted across the globe and this momentum is not likely to diminish any time soon.

Umbraco CMS Development with Neologix

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