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With increasing competition between iOS, Android and cross-platform apps, how do you determine which platform will be best for your app? Here we compare some of the benefits and disadvantages of native and cross platform app development. These factors can certainly help you decide how to go about it.

Native App Development

Native mobile apps are normally developed in a programming language native to the device as well as the operating system and require a specific app to be created for a single platform.

Pros of Native Mobile App Development

  • You will get access to all built-in capabilities and features offered by the device (e.g. address book, GPS, camera) as well as the operating system.
  • It allows utilizing of advanced features such as USB input, memory management and complex networking.
  • No limitations in terms of performance, speed and customization of user interface.

Cons of Native Mobile App Development

  • No programming codes can be shared between versions of separate apps.
  • More time is required for development purposes.
  • Users need to update the app each time to see changes unlike hybrid app

Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Cross platform mobile apps are developed using intermediate languages that are not native to the operative system of the device. This means that parts or all programming codes can be shared across different platforms i.e. both iOS and Android.

Pros of Cross Platform Mobile App Development

  • Codes can be easily shared between different versions of apps.
  • The performance of user interface can be as fast as that of native since the interface is rendered using native controls.
  • Cross-platform apps are easier and faster to develop and deploy.
  • Save on costs associated with developing different versions for Android and iOS.

Cons of Cross Platform Mobile App Development

  • Not all codes can be shared. Some codes will need to be written.
  • Access to the device as well as the features of the operating system will rely on the framework or the plug-in support.
  • Customization of user interface is dependent on the framework support.
  • Speed can easily be impacted since intermediate language will need to be interpreted.

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