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ONAM 2016

Onam is the most important festival of the state of Kerala and is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm all over the state.

Team Neologix celebrated their 14th Onam celebration in style this year. For a change, all tech n’ gadget related issues ceased to dominate the workplace.

Instead we had our smart male techies arriving dressed in traditional mundu & colorful shirts, and the ladies dressed in gorgeous Kasavu saris added an air of grace & elegance to the event.

This year Neologix proudly participated in athapookalam competition held at Technopark campus (Orumayode Oronam).

An integral part of Onam celebration is laying a colorful ‘pookalam’ (floral carpet) with a variety of flowers. These are arranged in patterns and themes depicting hues of Kerala culture, tradition and mythology.

The celebrations began early in the morning, with the teams (Mahabali, Bahubali & Kabali) carrying out hectic preparations for laying pookalams in the premises as part of the contests.

Using colorful flowers and leaves, the talented Neos weaved creative designs that reflected the tradition, values & culture of Kerala.

Each team tried hard to impress the judges with creativity as winning the athapoo contest is considered to be the most prestigious of all events.

Flavours of Onam

”Onam sadya” is a main feature of the festival which is awaited with much anticipation by all and sundry. No Onam is complete without this sensational vegetarian meal comprising more than 24 dishes including rice, curries, spicy pickles and scores of sweet and hot delicacies served on fresh plantain leaf.

Team Neos were treated to a delicious ‘sadya’ at Hotel Apollo Dimora. The simple act of everyone dining together and the splendid traditional feast created an atmosphere of immense goodwill and friendship.

Time for Fun & Frolic!!

The latter part of the day had Teams Kabali, Bahubali & Mahabali competing with each other in traditional Onam games such as kalam adi (breaking the pot), vadamvali (tug of war) and various other contests which essentially turned out to be a show of physical might, talent and camaraderie.

True to the spirit of Onam, it was a fun day filled with merriment, celebration and gripping enthusiasm. This rejuvenating and festive experience is sure to keep everyone upbeat for days to come.

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