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In today’s business environment, where processes are complex and nuanced than ever before, as a business owner you may be well aware of the inefficiencies holding your company back. Inefficient internal communication within your organization is probably one aspect which is costing your business a lot of money, time and headaches.

Do you have a well-oiled communication mechanism in place through which your employees can collaborate and share resources in real time. Is there an easy way for you staff to keep themselves updated with the office to conduct the day-to-day tasks needed to keep your business running? Perhaps some routine processes are still carried out manually or via e-mail taking a toll on productivity. This is exactly why an employee intranet seems such a good option to engage your dispersed workforce, streamline all your business processes, and effectively connect your organization.

An intranet portal is essentially a form of internet where access is only limited to the employees of an organization. It is an internal database with varying levels of permission for employees based on their roles and responsibilities. This system opens up a channel of communication and social networking among employees leading to sharing of ideas, clarity of goals and a heightened sense of organizational transparency.

Some of The Key Benefits of a Company Intranet.

  • Easy access to all enterprise information, business applications, resources and tools.
  • Clear communication of roles and responsibilities to employees.
  • Repository of re-usable documents with reduction in paperwork and overall costs.
  • Making available information for new starters about company policies & procedures.
  • Provide a hub for corporate social networking and sharing of company news, announcements, blogs, events calendar etc.
  • Automate common and routine tasks for effective time management.

How to Make the Intranet Work for Your Organization

Time Management:

The situation in today’s offices are such that time is spent being busy but nothing much gets done. The intranet is the perfect hub which gives employees remote access to the information and tools they need to get their jobs done. Gone are the days where you send an internal e-mail for vital information and have to wait hours for a response.

A well-organized intranet with integrated document management system allows you to organize your company’s entire information in a central space. Employees no longer need to waste time searching for files in their local computer, e-mail or pen drives. You can significantly reduce the amount of overlapping work done and enhance cross-departmental communication with an effective intranet software solution.

HR, Training and Feedback:

The intranet allows you to display all policies, general information, and standard documents in a single easy to access location. It makes it easy for new employees and interns joining your organization to understand your company goals and values. It also enables HR staff to monitor training, answer questions and assess learning. Delivery of on-going company and job performance feedback is done through dashboards and other measures to keep all employees in the loop. Employees can know who is who in the company, keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and special events all of which aids in community building.

It is possible to create virtual online forms for HR transactions with ease for benefit enrollment, leave application, request for salary certificate, payroll information etc. Since a mobile intranet portal is accessible from any web browser including mobile devices, approving officers can process approvals even when out of office. This makes the whole process paperless and efficient.

Social Intranet:

Discussion boards on the intranet can help employees trade ideas and objectives online and come well-prepared for physical meetings, thereby saving time and maximizing productivity. A self-service intranet portal will encourage social participation so that your employees are up-to-date on what matters in your business whether it be on their desktop or phone.

The ability of intranets to ease collaboration and build informal networks within organizations enables employees to build relationships with colleagues based on common interests and skills. It can also be a wonderful platform to recognize people for their achievements and contributions, celebrate success and share news.

Can Intranet Benefit My Business?

A well-designed and secure intranet will empower your employees to participate, communicate and collaborate better and save your business massive amounts of time. It will smooth out all the unnecessary complications that arise in the current complex business scenarios. By addressing the problems of bringing your enterprise together irrespective of location or size, incorporating an intranet system in your business will let you reap the benefits of increased productivity and better employee engagement.

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