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Many people strongly believe that they do not require a native mobile app when the web page does a fair job on the mobile. They work well on the website that will look good on the mobile. Everyone needs a responsive website that works well on mobile. But there are certain benefits that the app provides which a web page cannot compete. Today we look at both mobile websites and mobile apps and our take on what form of digital presence your brand needs

Mobile Website

A mobile website is nothing different from the actual one. They work almost the same way. It is the responsive design that works for all screen sizes. With lesser investment you can save your pocket with mobile website by just making sure that it works on all the mobiles. This easy to setup site doesn’t require a domain or hosting. A well designed website can to become your asset only if it is managed well. Since most of traffic comes from mobile, a well-developed site can help you do so

Mobile websites can also be optimized in a way that will give the visitors an app feel. Such sites need to be less cluttered and free from ads. You can develop the site in a way which not only provides qualitative information but also avoids redirection. This inexpensive option works wonders to your business if it is well maintained and updated from time to time

Mobile apps

Mobile app is the latest darling of companies. While initial development costs maybe high the RoI offered by mobile apps remain unsurpassed. These apps act as 24 x 7 salesperson once downloaded by your target users, and help keep your brand visibility front and center of their attention. Apps can also use native features of smartphone much better than mobile websites. With offline access and push notifications, customers get to read or browse or be reminded about your company anytime

What will suit your business?

Both the options work very well for business. However choosing one of the two depends upon the type of business you are involved in. There is a little extra investment involved with the mobile app as it needs to be supported on multiple platforms. A business must recognize the customers before investing in apps. In a long run, we feel that mobile apps are sure to win this debate due to the technological development and the personal touch that it gives.

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