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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) from its very name can be a misnomer when it comes to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) looking to benefit from this platform. Even though ERPs are targeted towards bigger companies, SMBs can greatly benefit from implementing an ERP system that is well-aligned to their business needs, is cost-effective and generates the desired outcomes.

The ERP system is the key IT resource of any company irrespective of size, processes and complexity. Hence a manufacturing company with integrated manufacturing ERP software solution allows for effective collaboration both internally and externally, offers more timely and accurate information to your workforce and propels your business forward. This not only heightens customer and employee satisfaction but also translates into a more profitable manufacturing business for your organization.

Potential benefits of an ideal ERP for manufacturers

Application of ERP technology in manufacturing can help companies to coordinate their inventory and manufacturing processes. An ERP manufacturing module delivers a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduction in manufacturing costs through efficient inventory management and increased resource utilization.
  • It streamlines and accelerates production cycles by automating manufacturing processes.
  • Handles transaction processing & shortens business cycles with on-time delivery performance.
  • Helps generate detailed reports on business-critical inventory information.
  • Enables decision makers to synchronize and coordinate business information in real-time.

Selecting the best manufacturing ERP system for your business

Finding the best ERP for manufacturing will depend on the complexity and unique needs of your business and how well the ERP can be customized and configured to fit in with your system.

Whether your business deals with discrete manufacturing or process manufacturing, a well-equipped manufacturing ERP system should have the following capabilities:

  • The key functions of your manufacturing ERP software should include work flow management and quality control to ensure delivery of real-time data regarding production process and inventory information.
  • Access, analyze and utilize data to provide powerful business intelligence that helps manufacturers to make strategic and tactical operational decisions to achieve core business goals and offer a competitive advantage to the organization’s intelligence, decision-making and growth capabilities.
  • The manufacturing ERP software should feature capabilities to streamline all financial transactions with customers, suppliers, and within the enterprise with sophisticated functionality to provide instant access to financial data.
  • The ERP solution should deliver advanced functionality to shorten the sales cycle and automate order processing along with quick response to customer requests with product configuration, accurate pricing, bills of materials and specifications.
  • Implementing the right ERP software for manufacturing provides greater control over quality management. It can extend the capabilities of your enterprise to maintain quality in the process chain by testing and inspecting raw materials, materials in process and finished products.
  • ERP for manufacturing can turn a complex and comprehensive manufacturing plan into one which is well organized with standardization of procedures across operations and inventory management.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (among others) is an ERP software system designed for small and mid-sized businesses that is less complex and provides elementary functionality. This type of solution can be a good target for small to mid-size businesses looking to implement ERP on premise. Learning this ERP system can be a comfortable experience for its users and can lead to fast user adoption due to its similarity with Microsoft Office.

Industries benefiting from ERP

Aerospace / DefenseAgricultureApparel / TextilesAutomotive
BiotechnologyBuilding MaterialsChemicalsConsumer Products
DistributionElectronicsFood / BeverageFurniture / Home Decor
Stone / ConcreteIndustrial MachineryLumber / Forest ProductsMetal Fabrication
Medical ProductsShip Building / MarineSemiconductorsPlastics / Rubber
PharmaceuticalsPetroleum / Oil & GasPaper / PackagingMining / Minerals
Metal ProcessingWire & CableEquipmentTransportation

A good ERP system is designed to increase manufacturing speed and accuracy, reduce costs and will allow SMB manufacturers to generate new revenue streams, increase margins and improve customer service.

Every company is unique and therefore would require different ERP systems based on its size, its processes, complexity and desired outcomes.

How we can help you

Neologix works with manufacturing SMBs in sectors as varied as automotive, paint, textile, cement, wood, chemical, plastic, pharmaceutical and food and beverages industry. Neologix can help you to determine your specific needs, recommend the right solutions for you, and help configure and implement the right ERP solution for your manufacturing business.

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