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The emergence of online grocery apps have revolutionized the entire scenario of how customers are shopping for food products. From daily essentials to special grocery items, there’s nothing that you can’t get online. It is still not late for small to medium-sized grocers to enter the growing online food market business. Large players such as Amazon and Walmart are expanding digital capabilities for selling food and beverages noting the increasing popularity of home delivery grocery services. Grocery app development companies like Neologix have taken online grocery business to the next level by developing and designing advanced, innovative and easy to use apps for both Android and iOS.

Quick Fact: According to data from IBISWorld, online grocery sales are expected to increase 9.5 percent annually to become a $9.4 billion industry in 2017.

Why are Online Grocery Applications so popular?

Traditional grocery stores sell a variety of food and non-food products, such as produce, meat, dairy products, cereal, health and beauty aids, cleaning products. But in recent years, a younger and more mobile generation of consumers are driving up the trend of shopping online for food items, clothing, footwear and many other products. This has led to a faster adoption of online grocery app development by retailers in Western countries and in fast-growing ecommerce markets such as India and China where better web access and online payment options are driving up sales.

Note: More than a third of global online consumers were expected to shift to online grocery shopping by early 2017, according to a Morgan Stanley Research. Since their inception and arrival in the professional market, mobile apps for groceries have garnered huge popularity. By offering thousands of products under diverse categories, these apps ensure optimum convenience for customers. Let’s check out some of the exclusive reasons for their unmatched popularity.

  • High quality product display
  • Diverse products and items
  • Diverse products and items
  • Product savings
  • Speedy home grocery delivery services
  • Easy exchange options
  • Attractive and safe packaging

These are some of the crucial reasons that catapult online grocery delivery apps to the peak of success.

Developing an Online Grocery App

If you wish to venture into the grocery business, building your own grocery app will be the best thing to do. While embarking on the project, make sure your app has the following amazing features:

  1. Appealing Product Display: High clarity product images are the most effective ways to communicate with online customers. Attractive and compelling product displays is a must for any popular online grocery shopping cart.
  2. Multilevel Categorization: From everyday grocery items to special products, your app should feature multiple product categorizations. Buyers will have the flexibility to make a choice.
  3. Easy Navigation: Make it easier for shoppers to find just what they’re looking for by providing features such as product search and product filtering.
  4. Easy Payment Options: Your app should feature a secured payment gateway with multiple payment options such as card payments and cash on delivery.
  5. One-Page Fast Checkout: Don’t keep your valuable customers waiting! Make sure your grocery app offers them easy, fast, and smooth checkout options with a minimalistic checkout form on a single page.

The bottom line is that these features will overall enhance your app’s functionality and improve its performance. Potential buyers will find it very easy to use them.

Choose the Right Grocery App Development Company

A great grocery shopping app makes the process of online grocery ordering simpler. If you are planning to develop your own grocery app, it’s highly imperative to associate with the best grocery app developers. With a highly skilled, experienced, and efficient team of grocery app developers, a good company like Neologix creates grocery shopping cart apps that are easy to use, offer the most functionality that people are looking for, and also has a great design and user experience.

Get in touch with Neologix if you are looking for a good grocery app development company.

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