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Augmented Reality App Development

Augmented Reality

A little mix of reality blended with augmented reality

Augmented Reality App Development

Your business requires a little mix of reality blended with augmented reality to charm your clientele. Without having a magical effect on your consumers, you would miss the ‘interconnectivity’ that is main soul of any business. The good thing is that reaching out to new consumer groups and forging existing client relations has become a lot more easier – all the credit goes to amazing augmented reality app development services offered by experts like Neologix.

Neologix, being an augmented reality development company brings out two services in this area that are capable of elevating the marketing campaigns any type of customer segment. With our proven track record and ability to bring out unique results, you can rely on us for challenging augmented reality app development services.

At the moment, we are satisfactorily offering following services in our portfolio –

  • Custom AR effects – Consumers are inclined to come back once they find that you have unique custom AR effects in your business app. every business requires a different set of AR effects that convey its short and long term goals. In addition to offering unique interactive perception, customized AR apps have magical ability to charm its users. Neologix adds these effects through its innovative thought process, knowledge of latest AR effects, and use of advanced augmented reality gadgets.
  • Geo-location – Many business applications use the knowledge about their client’s ‘current location’ to provide customized information and to better connect with them. An app handling current data retrieval uses the client’s current location to provide customized data. Neologix uses real time data integration embedded into your business app to inform it about the user’s location.

If your business is involved in services that places heavy emphasis on crafting creative user experience, then get the amazing feature of ‘geo- location’ and custom AR effects added into it, with a little assistance from us at Neologix.

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