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A storefront that is practical, modern and appealing

Online Grocery Software

Online Grocery Website Development

A fast, safe and secure solution to manage your business effortlessly. A storefront that is practical, modern and appealing is what you need to draw in customers and compel them to buy from you.

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Designed to Perform – Created to Deliver

Appealing Product Display

Great imagery can visually stimulate your customers to buy your products. Quality images pick up the smallest detail and deliver best results. Images are cloud-rendered and load quickly to maintain superior user experience.

Add To Cart Instantly

Add products to shopping cart directly from Search Bar. Just type initial few characters, select displayed product from autosuggestion list, and load cart. It is that easy!

Multilevel Categorization

Three-level categorization of products helps you keep better track of your inventory. Display products similar to ones the customer is looking at to promote cross-selling. Make sure your customers can easily find the products they want to buy!

Schedule Management

Your store back-end is in total control of the exact times, days and dates of delivery & pickup. You can even add extra time slots at busy times of year and alert your customers to any unforeseen changes.

One-Page Checkout

Provide all information, including billing, shipping, payment and order total details on a single platform. Quick and easy checkout saves your customer’s time and reduces cart abandonment. Make it simple and increase sales!

Order Management

Online and mobile orders can be processed easily with one page checkouts, auto calculation of taxes and delivery charges, multiple payment methods and email invoices. Keep your online store up and running seamlessly round the clock!

Easy Payment Options

Our flexible payment options are designed for the convenience of your customers. It includes Cash/Food Coupon on Delivery, Card on Delivery & Online Fund Transfer.

Marketing and Promotion

Make use of dynamic banners to announce your promotional deals and discounts. Customizable store settings which lets you to add discount coupons for numerous products. Feature your latest and most popular products on the home page itself.

Smart Mobile Apps

Android and iOS apps specifically designed to let busy people shop or update orders anytime, anywhere. Let your customers shop from their smart phones or tablets. Powerful and intuitive apps to simplify and streamline shopping.

Effective SEO

Search engine optimized to make you the most visible grocery retailer on internet searches. SEO helps you to reach and connect with online shoppers and dominate all food and grocery related searches. Gain your advantage in the online grocery market!

Technical Support

We will answer all your questions, provide all the support you need, resolve glitches and ensure that your website is functioning smoothly. Your customers will have a smooth, simple and user-friendly experience once your store is online. You can rest safe with us!

Ready to take your online grocery business to newer heights?

How much does it cost to develop a grocery shopping website?

Before setting up your online grocery store, it is important to understand that even though the front-end of your store may look quite simple and easy to set up, it is the back-end that handles complex functions such as maintaining accurate inventory information, order management, report generation and financial accounting. We have built our supermarket software from the ground up and it is designed to be highly secure, reliable, and customizable for each individual brand. This turnkey solution can be loaded with the latest high-end features to rake up sales for our clients ranging from city based grocers to large supermarkets with local, regional and national chains. Contact us for pricing.

We know that choosing the right online grocery software to take your supermarket or grocery business online can be an overwhelming experience, but we are here to help you.

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Our Featured Online Grocery Software Project

A hugely successful ecommerce retailer ruling the online grocery business in Trivandrum. Neologix conceptualized a path-breaking ecommerce website for the client with a robust and functional shopping cart system using the PHP/MySQL foundation. Integration of PhoneGap technology to work with Android and iPhone applications. Inventory management, discount coupons, push notifications and more. 60% ROI for shareholders, 120% increase in sales within a year.

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