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Online Grocery Solution for Enterprises

Enterprise Online Grocery Solution

Small Grocers to Large Supermarkets

Online Grocery Solution for Enterprises

Customizable Solution for Any-Size Retailer

A grocery store operational model is never the same for a start- up, a middle level or a big brand. Neologix provides the most technologically advanced grocery solution that suits your business.

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Small Grocers to Large Supermarkets

Physical & Online Store Management

A sophisticated system that offers the best operational model for any online grocery with superior website and mobile ergonomics. Whether you maintain an online store or a physical grocery chain, our software logic can handle the precise & complex requirements of any grocery retail.

POS Ready

Our online supermarket software is designed to simplify your grocery store processes such as accounting, inventory handling, reordering, expiry, promotions & loyalty management. All data & information is delivered in real-time across your whole organization helping you to manage your business effortlessly.

ERP Integration Ready

Our online grocery software can be securely integrated with your existing ERP without any disruption caused by changing existing systems. Operate your business more efficiently, expand your operations, keep up with increased online sales and improve customer experience.

Logistics Ready

In a business with very tight margins, it is important that you deliver customer orders profitably. Our grocery store software sets the logistics right with a sophisticated inventory control mechanism that streamlines the entire supply chain process, ensures stock availability, increases distribution efficiency, reduces costs & improves ROI for our clients.

API Ready

Allow developers to access and integrate your grocery store information into other applications and services. Our software is API ready and supports all functionalities associated with grocery shopping such as enabling users to browse & search products, place orders, compare prices, analyze data & do almost everything that the website and app can do.

Augmented & Virtual Reality Ready

AR & VR capabilities lets you recreate the real shopping experience at a grocery store for your online customers. By blending digital data with real-world imagery, it is possible for you to close the gap between the online & in-store shopping experience. Widen your customer-base by marketing that is appealing to your customers.

Big Data Analytics

Integrate powerful analytic tools to gain insight into key factors which directly impact your bottom line. See which products are selling, and which ones are slow to move off the shelf. Easily track payments, sales and customers. Detailed analytics give you a better understanding of how your sales vary month-to-month and helps you make the best choices to grow your business.

We provide a software that offers superior back-end technology & best-in-class shopper experience. Implement the full functionality to fine-tune your online grocery operations & boost sales.

Are you interested to see your online grocery business scale newer heights of success?

How much does it cost to develop a grocery shopping website?

Before setting up your online grocery store, it is important to understand that even though the front-end of your store may look quite simple and easy to set up, it is the back-end that handles complex functions such as maintaining accurate inventory information, order management, report generation and financial accounting. We have built our supermarket software from the ground up and it is designed to be highly secure, reliable, and customizable for each individual brand. This turnkey solution can be loaded with the latest high-end features to rake up sales for our clients ranging from city based grocers to large supermarkets with local, regional and national chains. See our pricing plan below:


  • Online Grocery Website
    Starting from USD 5000
  • Grocery Mobile App
    Starting from USD 5000
  • Website and Mobile App
    Starting from USD 8000

Neologix is a web development company creating world-class user experiences across web, ecommerce, and mobile platforms for our clients across US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, UAE and other locations.

We know that choosing the right online grocery software to take your supermarket or grocery business online can be an overwhelming experience, but we are here to help you.

Talk to our experts to receive suggestions tailored to your specific business needs.

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Our Featured Online Grocery Software Project

A hugely successful ecommerce retailer ruling the online grocery business in Trivandrum. Neologix conceptualized a path-breaking ecommerce website for the client with a robust and functional shopping cart system using the PHP/MySQL foundation. Integration of PhoneGap technology to work with Android and iPhone applications. Inventory management, discount coupons, push notifications and more. 60% ROI for shareholders, 120% increase in sales within a year.

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