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Online Food Ordering System

Food Ordering System

A perfect ecommerce system or platform for restaurants

Online Food Ordering System

Neologix Software Solutions provides organizations with the capability to present their end-customers with a portfolio of restaurants, caterers, food cooperatives, and provide interactive menus, ratings, and reviews, from which they can choose and place an order through a mobile application or online portal, make payment, and get food delivered. Portraying a perfect ecommerce system or platform for restaurants the application allows end-users to select the restaurant as per the cuisines preference and location, choose from the menu cards, and use adequate payment and delivery options; making it a compelling value proposition to present to the customers.

With this application, organizations will be able to showcase a very interesting business model that lures end-customers due to the easiness of using a mobile app for ordering food online from their favourite restaurants from anywhere. Reducing resource cost and incorrect order placements, the tablet based solutions for restaurants frees your staff enabling customers to place their orders through a tablet placed at their table, which directly queues up at the restaurant kitchen, from where status updates of the order keeps the customer posted on when the order will be served.

Business needs addressed:

  • Provide the capability to select restaurants as per the area
  • Enable end-customers to choose the menu and place the order as per their preference
  • Enable effective ordering of food through multiple devices
  • Effectively communicate to devices in the kitchen and billing section for seamless operation

Key features and benefits:

  • Increased customer loyalty: Ease of ordering attracts more customers. Also you can automatically build your customer information database as and when orders are placed on the mobile app
  • Accurate sales reports: Get live sales reports and statistics online via the cloud server. Have your business on your fingertips, error-free
  • Reduce redundant costs: Considering you won’t need many call centres / receptionist waiters to take orders, you are saved of the redundant cost and can concentrate on your core business. Moreover since it is a cloud based service, there will be no need to setup or maintain a server
  • Complete security: Enjoy complete security with regular backup of your data, secured payment gateways, and SSL encrypted communications channels
  • Convenient, no-cash payment mode: Customers can now pay online while placing the order, or, even at the restaurant. This provides them with ease and convenience
  • Zero-error: Faux pas with orders will be a thing of the past. Orders will now be placed directly by customers and will simultaneously be displayed in the kitchen
  • Dynamic menus for easy change: Forget printing costs. Now add pictures of new dishes whenever you like. Add, delete or completely redo the look. You can also highlight and promote specials of the day
  • Interactive suggestions: Delight customers by suggesting accompaniments. For example, if a customer wants to know what goes well with Masala Dosa, the application will recommend the same
  • Simple wire-less connection: A simple wireless internet connection is all you need to get all these advantages. Worry not about data loss. Everything is saved in the cloud server.

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