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Mobile Logistics for Restaurants

Neologix Software Solutions enables restaurants to provide their field associates with the provision to access and update information on the go. Being field-ready, the solution enables view of stock levels, forecast of required inventory, record purchases, entry of order, receipt of payment, and completion of delivery via hand-held device or mobile application. The solution also provides the capability to place orders real time and to have the same reflected to the respective production and delivery departments. The team gets complete and necessary access to the complete customer/supplier details including name, location, previous transactions, and specifications. This enables organizations to effectively manage schedules and service customer requests rapidly and most accurately from order to delivery to checkout.

Business needs addressed:

  • A fully integrated and comprehensive solution that provides complete information access on multiple devices
  • Effective management of purchases, order processing, scheduling and delivery process
  • Achieve rapid response to customer orders or inventory replenishment requirements
  • User-friendly and device compatible application
  • Manage field sales personnel effectively by monitoring daily activities

Key features and benefits:

  • Replenish inventory effectively: With access to real-time information about the order and thereby the raw materials required, the inventory of supplies can be managed efficiently
  • Comprehensive customer and supplier information: End-end customer or supplier information updated in real-time and available for all entities
  • Enhanced productivity: Information being completed on the go with accurate information aids you to effectively manage customer service requests, purchases, resolve issues, and improve service levels
  • Reduced cost of operations: Eliminate redundant intermediary processes and paper work, the organization saves considerable time and /resourcess, in effect cost
  • Faster billing cycles: Since the field staff can complete the order requirements real-time at the customer site, this enables speedy billing process. Secured payment gateways and SSL encrypted communications
  • Accurate sales reports: Get live sales/purchase reports and statistics online via the cloud server and have your business on your fingertips, error-free
  • End-end task management: From order receipt or inventory purchase request, status updates, reporting, to completion the ordering, sourcing, receiving, returns, and information management all in one system
  • Modular design and user-friendly screens: Enables customized suitable display of information and required input screens separately for the respective departments as per their needs
  • Secured administration: Ensures security of valuable customer, supplier, billing, and contractual information with restricted view as per user levels. Regular backup of your data, and SSL encrypted communications between you and your customers

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