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Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Furnish purchase order requests at adequate time intervals to keep supplies at a reasonable or prescribed level

Inventory Management

Neologix Software Solutions enables retailers to maintain the stock mix taking into consideration the demand which is influenced by both external and internal factors. We help you furnish purchase order requests at adequate time intervals to keep supplies at a reasonable or prescribed level.

Our solution allows merchandisers to prevent obsolete inventory and avert customer defections, by ensuring optimal and timely replenishment planning, by coordinating the merchandise arrival, allocation, shelf-spacing, and replenishment. This is especially critical for fashion and seasonal products, which always demands the need of fresh and varied stock.

We aim to effectively manage your inventory by maintaining at any given time only enough stock to be able to support planned sales until the next delivery arrives, plus a safety inventory level to accommodate for any short term sales spike and the possibility of a late vendor delivery.

Business needs addressed:

  • Expedites in-store operations, including item look-up, receiving, adjustments, stock counts, and inter-store transfers
  • Streamlines management of store-labour expenses and in-store processes
  • Improves control of inventory management for reduced carrying costs
  • Prevents stock-outs and overstock using in-store location level tracking
  • Helps save the sale by using real-time cross-store inventory access

Features and benefits:

  • Seamless inventory visibility: Delivers accurate seamless store inventory visibility to all channels
  • Acquire customer footprint: By having all products available at all times without going out-of-stock, improves customer satisfaction and encourages customer return as they are assured of product availability
  • Avert customer defections: By always maintaining the required stock levels, and monitoring the inventory levels, replenishing the sales floor, helps avoid customers to defect due to the unavailability of a product in the shop-floor
  • Improved inventory control: Prevents dead inventory which incurs inventory storage space. In tight coordination with the merchandise arrival, allocation, shelving, consumption, forecasting, and replenishment, the inventory levels are maintained to the optimal level with timely replenishment planning
  • Streamlined merchandise management: Streamlines store management with planned inventory arrival, storage, shelf-spacing, and replenishment, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Locate any product with ease across stores, reducing effort
  • Reduced cost: Merchandisers avail significant cost advantages associated with manual inventory counts, administrative errors and reductions in inventory stock-outs

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