Incident Reporting Software for Citizens

Incident Reporting Software for Citizens

Streamlined process to combine user concerns across
multiple agencies on a single platform

Incident Reporting Software for Citizens

problem management software

Incident Reporting Software

A responsive web & mobile solution that lets citizens report potential community concerns quickly from their smartphones. Just submitting an image, video or map-based report brings the matter to the attention of relevant local authorities.

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Incident Management Software | Mobile App

From reporting concerns of public safety, police, streets, water and sewer service to providing feedback & suggestions, a solution to help citizens report issues across agencies.

Requests can be automatically routed to the correct department or supervisor. Authorities can catch up with the public they serve with quick & effective complaint resolution.

A digital solution aimed to make lives better by connecting citizens & their government. Designed to serve citizens country-wide or at state, city or council level with technology that is simple to use.

A solution that can be modified for any type of image or map-based reporting of incidents.

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Complaint Routing

Resolve citizen requests quickly with intelligent request submission flow & notifications to relevant authorities. Allocate the correct person, team, or official based on nature of complaint, category, location or priority.

Efficient Processing

Streamlined process flow right from the time a complaint is reported until it is resolved. Users can manage and track progress of request from submission & inspection all the way to resolution ensuring transparency & accountability.

Easy Customization

Add new jurisdictions, departments, categories or team members. Automated notifications to alert users about request status & online chat functionality. Manage users and access to the app with user filtering and blocking.

KPI Dashboard

Exclusive app for topmost authority & elected officials. Intuitive dashboard offers real-time insight into complaint status & in-depth performance reports. Staff can monitor progress, resolve issues & update citizens via IM or push notifications.

Security Features

Designed for compliance with data protection and investigation protocols. Secure & safe communication with authorities. Secure online desktop and database access for managing reports.

Stay Flexible

Integrate other services as and when needed with complete flexibility to work with additional departments at any time. Provide additional functionalities to users at country, city or council level.

Give citizens the power to report issues to the exact people who are responsible for fixing them

The incident tracking system enables real-time incident reporting, tracking, investigating, and resolving incidents in a streamlined, automated manner. Implementing an effective incident response software helps officials to respond in a timely manner, investigate and resolve incidents quickly.

Incident Management Mobile App for Sharjah Government

Neologix designed and developed a hybrid mobile app for incident reporting and feedback from public users to raise the level of performance of the Sharjah Government. The incident management software helped resolve public issues quicker by facilitating coordination among the various government departments. This incident management mobile app is part of an initiative to improve quality of public services by all government departments of Sharjah and to deliver efficient customer service by working on suggestions, observations and ideas received from the public.

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Neologix has a proven track record in developing mobile applications & website solutions for the Sharjah Government and other public sector initiatives in USA, UK, UAE and other countries. Our range of services and solutions can be successfully implemented in developing government IT solutions such as local government apps, smart city apps, civic complaints apps and government phone applications.

We believe our technological capabilities help governments to achieve greater political value from huge cost savings in government operations & high market value by saving citizens on transaction costs.

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Our Featured Project

Sharjah Government Incident Management App is an initiative to bring a better living in Sharjah by delivering quality customer service for all government departments. Public can send feedback or report complaints regarding any department by taking a picture or video as a proof and posting it directly from their phones.

Neologix developed the app using hybrid mobile app technology (PhoneGap) for Android and iPhone platforms.

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