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Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility

Provides you with the capability of accessing all services available
on your web portal through your mobile

Enterprise Mobility

Neologix Software Solutions can provide your business with mobility by having access to your enterprise portal on any mobile device be it iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android or Windows platform. This service provides you with the capability of accessing all services available on your web portal through your mobile. The mobile platform enables an integrated view exchanging information between the various residing applications across departments and bringing together the information, people, and processes to this common unified platform.

By availing this service you can get the application software to run on your mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer. This application provides you with all capabilities as can be availed from your web portal including close integration with your CRM system, enabling your sales team to portray a professional image of your company by handling orders through a mobile or tablet computer.

Business needs addressed:

  • An integrated mobile application (that can be use on phone or tablet across any OS) which brings together information, processes, and people, across departments and across organizations
  • Create and manage roles and add, update, or remove people assigning one or more roles, with different levels of access rights
  • Enable content distribution and sharing through mails and notifications.
  • Create message or dashboards inviting people to discuss on particular topics
  • Enable search of files added to the database as per access rights

Features and benefits:

  • Enhanced productivity: Facilitate a more productive, reliable and security-rich user experience for business partners and customers. Being available anywhere, anytime, ensures business continuity at all times
  • Set access rights: The application has the ability to specify, limit, and set different rights for a user role (like a customer, partner, or manager). This provides a means to limit specific types of content and services to the roles
  • Seamless integration: Make functions and data from multiple system silos to be reflected on the mobile application, to enable integrated navigation and consistent reflection of information
  • Communication tools: Enables employees to communicate effectively using email, news, discussion boards, file sharing and so on
  • Customized dashboards: Depending on the roles, there will be a provision to preconfigure a dashboard that displays information that is likely to be most useful for the role assumed. There will be a provision to customize and add or remove content that the role will have rights to
  • Dynamic user control: The system will enable the addition or deletion of users, and assigning and update of user roles which determines the rights enjoyed
  • Global search: The functionality allows users to search for files, records, reports, or other databases

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