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eProcurement Software | eProcurement Solutions

eProcurement Solutions

Enables retailers to strategize and purchase supplies online

eProcurement Software | eProcurement Solutions

Neologix Software Solutions provides e-procurement solution that enables retailers to strategize and purchase supplies online. The e-procurement value chain consists of indent management, e-tendering, e-auctioning, vendor management, catalogue management, purchase order integration, order status, ship notice, e-invoicing, e-payment, and contract management.

Our solution manages the various phases in e-procurement to include request for information, request for proposal, and request for quotation. This system provides a mechanism, to quickly and effectively link operations and suppliers and provide data analysis functionality that allows operators to monitor costs, consumption rates, inventory tracking, pricing and menu planning to increase profitability. Having our solution enable you to develop a solid business plan with aggressive online procurement strategy and to deliver value for the company.

Business needs addressed:

  • End-end procurement process management through online means
  • Inventory control and predictability to reduce inventory levels and streamline the procurement process
  • Simplified, transparent and streamlined procurement process with adequate supplier management, approval mechanism, and process control

Features and benefits:

  • Improved market readiness: Reduce order cycles and time to market by purchasing online and reducing the interruptions caused by the need to make constant calls for procurement
  • Increased cost-efficiency: Cost savings with faster and cheaper procurement through online means. Improved transparency to monitor cost, consolidate purchases, manage bulk orders, and measure profitability, enables the retailers to reduce errors and prevent revenue leakage
  • Streamlined processing: The solution allows you to have a simplified mechanics of the order process, and reduces infrastructure and transaction costs
  • Procure effectively: With increased predictability, the retailer will be able to procure cost-effectively as per requirement, in the most efficient manner via the internet with improved pricing, better sourcing and process improvement
  • Enhanced audit control: By having a clearly defined procurement process and authorization hierarchy, quality is control
  • Supplier management: By keeping track of your purchasing history, to know what you are buying, from whom and at what price, enables you to get a better picture and manage supplier relations effectively and procure at more reasonable rates for consistent, high volume purchases

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