sharepoint portal development
sharepoint portal development

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Web Portal Development with SharePoint

SharePoint, powered by Microsoft technology, is one of the finest web portal development platform that can be used to develop user friendly and comprehensive portals for your workforce, customers and suppliers. SharePoint portal application is very robust, provides superior flexibility and is the best portal software to build solid intranet portals, a full-featured content management system, a multilingual enterprise solution or a business intelligence system.

With its 2016 version, SharePoint aims at improving business capabilities and user experiences for the consumers. As a revolutionary technology for web portal development, a SharePoint portal solution can ensure numerous benefits for business owners.

Does your organization lack a collaboration portal and world class document management tools to connect individuals within your organization leading to stress, misunderstandings and mistakes in your business operations? It is crucial that any mid to large-sized company’s operations are integrated into one cohesive platform so as to ensure smooth functioning and cooperation between your workforce, suppliers and customers. If you think your organization needs a user-friendly and robust web portal, here’s why you should consider Microsoft SharePoint for web portal development.

SharePoint Portal Features for Users:

There’s no denying what SharePoint has done as the best portal software and can do for web portal development. With its new version, business owners will surely have more reasons to smile. Here’s what you need to check out:

1) Improved scalability

One of the major problems users faced with SharePoint portal development was the lack of scalability. With an increasing number of users, the current versions failed to accommodate their operations. It’s here that the latest version comes to rescue. SharePoint 2016 improves several figures such as maximum file size, maximum number of indexed items, and list view. These features will surely make the SharePoint platform highly scalable for users.

2 ) Data management

If you already run a colossal enterprise or expect to become one shortly, you will surely have SharePoint 2016 at your service. From data analytics to data management, there’s nothing that SharePoint can’t do. You can also manage large and huge data volumes with it. With Microsoft improving the patching process, administrators will have the opportunity to patch with minimum downtime.

3 ) Hybrid environments

If you wish to reap the benefits of both cloud-based enterprise solutions and on-premise processes, SharePoint 2016 will turn out to be the best option for you. Hybrid intranet environments will get strong support from this technology. Some of the benefits of this feature include:

  • Looking for cloud storage and on-premise solutions for crucial documents and files.
  • You will get single search results irrespective of the location.
  • Users can achieve seamless navigation between both on-premise and cloud SharePoint environments.

These factors together will surely increase your business’ efficiency!

4) Smooth file management

File management and handling will become quite easier with SharePoint 2016. If you move a document or file to another location, the links pointing to that file will automatically update. Most importantly, you can name your files in a unique way and use special characters like #, ampersand, and / in the file names.

5 ) Touch-friendly interface

The touch-friendly interface and other features like tiles menu and App Launcher enhance the operational efficiency of SharePoint. It adds value to your organization as users have the opportunity to perform numerous functions at a single go. The innovative changes in its interface differentiate it from the previous versions thus improving UX to a great extent!

6 ) Easy-to-operate and quick

The current version of SharePoint reduces downtime and sluggish processes to a great extent. By improving user experience, it ensures fast, smooth, and quick operations. Your employees will simply love working with it as their workloads will be reduced to half. These features and functionalities of the SharePoint portal software clearly define why it is so effective for web portal development.

SharePoint Portal Development for Your Organization

If you are looking to develop a collaboration portal, have any Microsoft SharePoint requirement or considering SharePoint migration, then you can consider SharePoint consulting services and full portal project support from Neologix, which is a specialist in SharePoint consulting and design.

The SharePoint support team at Neologix consists of experienced SharePoint consultants, SharePoint designers, business consultants and customer service all working with a unified goal to deliver unique digital solutions to clients globally.

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