SharePoint 2016 has turned out to be the preferred online collaboration software tool of choice for many of the world’s largest and most successful companies. This product from Microsoft is the best online collaboration software tool known to have evolved over the years from earlier versions such as Office 365, SharePoint 2013, 2010 and 2007 with the changing technology landscape and shifting customer preferences. The latest version of this enterprise collaboration software from Microsoft has transformed the way businesses allow employees to be connected and productive, access content and data, and increasing the efficiency of business processes at the same time ensuring total security and compliance.

Advantages of SharePoint 2016 in enhancing enterprise collaboration

SharePoint is a content management, file sharing & team collaboration software which is an essential business tool for businesses aiming to transform the way employees communicate and collaborate at work. It has embraced a slew of new age features like social media integration, Web 2.0 capabilities, and a fast growing compatibility with third party tools and applications. By using its components like Flow, PowerApps, lists, and libraries, you can make certain of a boost in productivity and workforce efficiency within the company whether your team is small, big, local, global, or spread across multiple organizations.

If you are still wondering if adopting SharePoint 2016 will be a wise move for your business, check out the reasons why SharePoint 2016 has come up as the preferred online collaboration software tool for small and medium businesses as well as for large enterprises.

1) Single information platform

With CRM, ERP, IT, accounting, HR, operations, sales and marketing powering up your organization, how invaluable it would be to share best practices, information, and knowledge that brings each of these distinct teams into one single platform to collaborate for success? That is the main advantage driven by SharePoint 2016. Any information that helps in complex decision making needs to reside on SharePoint so that the learnings and takeaways are there for all prevalidated set of users to check out.

2) Avail of new features

Features like Delve (data visualization), Sway (presentation), and enhanced mobile navigation experience makes it a critical tech solution for today’s business users. It also has its traditional power features to propel productivity across the board in your company –

  1. NextGen Portals – The intranet solution that can help you get more done with its integration with Microsoft’s Office Graph machine learning application.
  2. OneDrive – OneDrive makes it easy for employees to carry, access, share, edit, and sync files across devices, across locations, anywhere and anytime.
  3. Power BI – It sits on top of the Office365 solution and is known for amazing analytical insights that the tool is capable of producing.

The choice of opting for on-cloud or on premise version with the same high security and seamless access makes SharePoint 2016 a must-have for your organization.

3) Improve employee engagement

A recent Gallup survey showed that only 15% of the workforce is engaged to put in their best. The rest feel disconnected with the other teams, the silos of their own team, or the inability to reach out to superiors. This is a serious issue that can be tackled effectively by bringing on SharePoint 2016 as a common intranet portal to put their opinions, learn from others, avoid recreating the wheel, and feel unified with the organizational culture and vision.

Get the Most Out of SharePoint Collaboration Tools

Do these advantages make you realize that it is high time for your organization to move on to an advanced online collaboration software such as SharePoint 2016? If you wish to move from a legacy system or adopt SharePoint from grounds up, then make sure to connect with a trusted SharePoint development company. This will not only ensure a seamless integration of SharePoint solutions that will help your company set itself apart from competition but also add substantial value to your business.

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