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Intranet Portal Development | Corporate Intranet Development

Get your company a high performance, easy to use online workspace to let
your employees collaborate and communicate better.
Raise Productivity. Increase Revenues.

Employee Engagement

Create a social hub for corporate social networking. Increase employee engagement by sharing company news, announcements, blogs, events calendar, videos and newsletters. A positive work environment encourages productivity and better teamwork.

Work Flow Automation

Build online custom forms which can be completed and submitted online. Eliminate routine paperwork. No need for endless request memos. Fast and efficient management of all types of internal requests. Get work done faster with task assignment and notification.

Improve Productivity

A great intranet portal lets your employees do things faster and accurately by cutting down redundancy and allowing to focus on important tasks. Create a central repository of information to make information easily available for all users.

Resource Management

Most of the HR employee related activities, requests and forms like leave application, leave accounting, appraisal, loans, salary certificate, inter-departmental resource transfer can all be hosted, posted and released via the portal.

Recognitions and Rewards

A wonderful platform to recognize people for their achievements – be it a good word from the customer, a commendation for performance or an award for employee of the month. Boost employee morale and drive to achieve more.

Chat and Notifications

Enable better communication between team members with instant chat facility. Optional email alert for users about group activity, resource updates and corporate news and events. Keep users informed without needing to write emails.

Corporate Intranet Portal Development

A well-designed and secure intranet will empower your employees to participate, communicate and collaborate better and save your business massive amounts of time. It will smooth out all the unnecessary complications that arise in the current complex business scenarios. By addressing the problems of bringing your enterprise together irrespective of location or size, incorporating an intranet system in your business will let you reap the benefits of increased productivity and better employee engagement.

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