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The versatile collaboration platform for
effective project management

SharePoint for
Project Management

The main reason for your company to use SharePoint team sites and
SharePoint project sites for project management is the wide range of
options available to users. Its connectivity to the Microsoft Suite of
products makes it the preferred collaboration tool for entry level projects
to complex multi-team projects which are often difficult to manage and organize.

Benefits of SharePoint Project Management

SharePoint is primarily known for its document management, content management, and intranet capabilities but it has also grown to become a powerful project management tool. There are numerous benefits with project management on SharePoint. Here we list some of the few:

  • Enhance workflow across all levels and teams by organizing and combining key content from multiple project sites into one efficient framework.
  • Improve collaboration with detailed workflow processes, centralized project documents and secure portal access.
  • Display announcements, up-to-date work schedule, and meeting information to quickly plan your day.
  • Track project schedules, manage project risks and automate project reporting mechanisms.
  • Summarize key project information that you want to see at the beginning of each day with a built-in task dashboard.
  • Prioritize and highlight critical project data to help you make effective decisions.

SharePoint can help you organize and manage complex projects

How to Manage Projects on SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a perfect solution for project management, but most companies are either unaware or don’t understand the whole range of benefits it presents.

1. Manage projects using a Project Site

Project sites are used to store and manage project-related documentation and to capture tasks and assign them to people in your organization. Project team events are tracked on a common calendar. The SharePoint project site template is designed to help you plan the work schedule, collect project files and documents, and collaborate with your teammates. As a security element, you can set unique permissions for users to access your project site, and the level of access they have on your site.

Basic web parts of project subsite:

  • Project summary provides visual timeline of late or upcoming events and tasks.
  • SharePoint document library to store particular information regarding projects
  • Newsfeed to communicate with your team, share ideas and get notifications.
  • Notebook, task lists, and calendar.

2. Manage projects on a Team Site

When planning a project, the first step is to add tasks and assign them to team members. With a SharePoint team site, you can manage projects and assign tasks to people by adding task lists and calendars. Apart from being able to work with your task list on Microsoft Project or Microsoft Excel, you can set up a timeline of tasks added and change the appearance of the timeline. Once you start working on your project, you can view, upload and remove project documents or files if needed. The Project Summary web part gives you a high-level view of your project tasks and events.

SharePoint web parts of team site

  • SharePoint document library to store project information or team documents.
  • Project Summary or any Timeline web part can be added to the site.
  • The Tasks webpart in SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server 2013/2016 allows users to assign tasks to each other, set due date and priority, and can be configured to send email notifications.
  • Team Discussion web part provides a forum for discussing topics that interests your team.
  • Calendar web part to capture important meetings, milestones or events related to the team or project.
  • You can use Announcements web part to post important news, status, or share project related information with your team members.

Our SharePoint experts can provide you with guidance and assistance in implementing the SharePoint platform into your existing framework. Most organizations have been able to complete projects more effectively and efficiently once a SharePoint project management solution is in place.

Harness the Powerful Project Management Capabilities of SharePoint Today

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