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EXT JS Development Services

Build desktop apps on touch-enabled devices

EXT JS Development Services

Neologix Software Solutions uses component based ExtJS for business-grade web application development. With over 100 examples, 1000 APIs, hundreds of components, a full documentation suite and built in themes, ExtJS provides the tools necessary to build robust desktop applications. Ext JS have unique user interface controls built for tablets and computers and leverages HTML5 features on modern browsers while maintaining compatibility and functionality for legacy browser.

Neologix uses ExtJS to build desktop apps on touch-enabled devices using a single code base, a Model View ViewModel (MVVM) architecture, two-way data binding, responsive layouts, and other component upgrades with support for adding widgets inside a grid cell for data visualization and big data analytics. ExtJS includes an upgraded touch-optimized charting package along with additional financial charting capabilities.

ExtJS is a full stack application framework. By developing applications with ExtJS, Neologix can support modern and legacy browsers including: Safari 6+, Firefox, IE8+, Chrome, and Opera 12+. On the mobile platform, Ext JS supports Safari on iOS 6 and 7, Chrome on Android 4.1+, and Windows 8 touch-screen devices (such as Surface and touch-screen laptops) running IE10+.

Using ExtJS, Neologix focuses on building the UI aspects by availing the wide range of components and widgets that ExtJS portrays, with which we customize and extend to configure the UI to the level required to build feature-rich dynamic web applications ideal for visual data display and much more.

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