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Open Source Development

We help you select and implement the latest
open source solutions to enhance your business

Open Source Development Services

Our consultancy team at Neologix has been helping clients design, integrate and optimize open source software for their businesses since 2002. From software development to project management and consultancy, we are the best open source development company that can provide all open source development services under one roof and allows you to expand your business horizons.

Whatever Your Needs, We Can Handle It All

Services We Offer

Our consultancy team is one of the most versatile in the industry and possess in-depth knowledge of open source software. We can help you select and implement the latest open source solutions to enhance your business.

Benefits of Open Source Development

  • Most proprietary web solutions will lock you in to the original supplier and offer limited flexibility as your requirements change. Open source technologies are generally much more cost- effective unlike any proprietary solution due to alleviated licensing charges.
  • This technology allows extensive customization with a wide repository of modules & plug-ins, offers better functionality and provides higher performance due to the rich pool of source code available for web development.
  • With open source technologies, you can start small on the community version and scale up to commercially supported solutions gradually depending on your business requirements.
  • The ability to take up a community version, get started and understand if it delivers value to your business will enable speedy web application development for your enterprise. Not only does it gets you started inexpensively, but also offers agility and flexibility to upgrade to an enterprise solution.
  • Web solutions, mobile solutions and cloud solutions are increasingly built on open source infrastructure. Open source technology is a good investment as future architectures are likely to be based on open source.

What Makes Us Different

Neologix works with manufacturing SMBs in sectors as varied as automotive, paint, textile, cement, wood, chemical etc.

We deliver tailor made solutions using open source platform services and will not lock you into a solution. In case you are already locked in to an existing provider, we will help you migrate to a new solution based on your needs using the vast array of open source software.

The capabilities of our team and their diversity allows us to develop, implement and support an extensive range of solutions that your business infrastructure needs. Backed by a large team of experts in free software, including project managers, consultants, and business analysts, Neologix is able to provide comprehensive support and services for your business at the highest technical level. We support clients in all sectors and across many different environments.

Whether you need assistance with complex web application development, global migrations, or help in selecting and implementing open source technology to fit your business requirements, we can handle it all.

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