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HTML Responsive Web Design

Neologix Software Solutions creates professional grade user experience for HTML5-powered app using HTML5 Mobile User Interface Frameworks. HTML5 is a core technology mark-up language used for structuring and presenting content. These libraries are included as one or more files written using JavaScript and CSS. They are meant to be used by including them in an HTML file. They are appropriate for a variety of uses. All these platforms are appropriate for mobile Web apps as well as for native hybrid applications where a native wrapper allows the entire user experience be driven by HTML5. These hybrid applications are built using a wrapping technology like Cordova to give HTML5 applications access to native features of the device such as the camera through a JavaScript bridge API.

Neologix uses HTML5 Mobile UI frameworks to build software with a unified and professional look and feel. With the capability to adapt depending on the platform they are running on, HTML5 Mobile UI frameworks present users with an experience customized for the operating system. Neologix produces some of the most creative and innovative HTML5 front-ends and user interfaces for web and mobile that are scalable, robust, and secure. Our HTML5 developers and HTML5 programmers create some of the best, full-featured custom web experiences using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

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