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Catering & Hospitality

Catering & Hospitality

Neologix Software Solutions offers applications for the catering and hospitality sector that are reliable and affordable and enable them to run their business by managing – client events, employee time cards (to track, schedule, alert, monitor, and measure activities), invoicing, and billing – with efficiency, across devices, with adequate automation and mobility, to boost productivity and revenue

By being able to maintain an employee directory, define the roles, hierarchy, payrolls, leave, salaries, track performance, manage calendar, make announcements (for events, awards, recognitions), register complaints and requests, and integrate with HRMS, the solution enables catering and hospitality sector to effectively manage their staff, apart from managing their business operations. This provides the advantage for the sector to have a single solution to manage their operations end to end, ranging from staff management to ordering, e-menu, and logistics.

Enabling efficient management of business, the solution enhances productivity, customer relations, and business profitability.

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