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Neologix Software Solutions has been at the forefront of e-Government and m-Government solutions and has played a pivotal role in such large government programs across multiple nations. We hold a strong presence in the public sector technology development and implementation, effectively connecting governments and citizens and effecting greater collaboration between private and government agencies.

Our solutions enables government to provide varied services including Government to Citizen Services (G2C) which enables them to reach a large number of applications to strengthen their relationship with the citizens using technology, Government to Employee Services (G2E) which enables them to improve their efficiency by sharing knowledge and bringing them together, Government to Government Services (G2G) which enables speedy, transparent, and accountable administration of government operations, and Government to Business Services (G2B) which enables them to simplify government processes for business by providing them with immediate information and better communication..

These service enablers streamlines government operations, making information available, reducing the hassles involved in government processes, sharing valuable knowledge, bringing more transparency in government approvals, and easing people to do business legally, thereby enhancing revenue of government and portraying a friendly face of the government.

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