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Logistics & Transportation

Logistics & Transportation

Neologix Software Solutions provides applications for the logistics and transportation segment that enables your businesses to have the agility, comprehensive customer information, traceability, and mobility of operations. We make sure that the application prompts and ensures all mission-critical activities and processes for the sector are taken care of end-to-end and brought to closure. For example track a package being sent, manage delivery, and coordinate package return after three failed attempts of customer contact.

While the solution enables the much desired mobility, it as well ensures cost-effectiveness and enhanced productivity, by keeping the cost of transportation to the minimal possible, optimizing business processes, effectively managing workflows, efficiently assigning resources, and providing a holistic solution for transport, tracking, delivery, and closure. Providing an all-inclusive communication essential for optimal operations, the solution seamlessly interfaces with barcode scanners, GPS systems, RFID instruments and digital signatures, the mobility offered for the segment.

By having mobility, organizations are able to attend to the client requirements, schedule deliveries, and resolve issues without any time delay, creating stronger customer relationships and satisfaction.

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