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The power to manage your entire website on your own without stress.
Making real-time updates from anywhere, anytime.

CMS Website Design | CMS Website Development

Take Control Over Your Website

The power to manage your entire website on your own. Making real-time updates from anywhere, anytime. How good does it feel? A good CMS website lets you do just that and much more.

Produce Results

You know your market and your customers better. A CMS will allow you to post regular updates to your website and blog without depending on your web development company. Easily manage your products, promotions, campaigns and galleries. Enjoy increased traffic and better onsite conversion.

Simple Yet Powerful

Allow multiple people to access and update your website with an easy to use admin system. With a web content management solution, no visual design or coding knowledge is needed to publish updates. Rank better on search engines with content strategy tuned for SEO. It is easy, efficient and cost-saving if you have a large business to maintain.

Secure and Flexible

CMS websites are scalable and can handle high volume of visitors for content rich websites such as corporate and ecommerce portals. Offer a great digital experience to your visitors even as your business grows in stature. An efficient CMS application will make your website secure and future-proof.

We can build you a CMS which is specific to your purpose, easy to use and has all the features that you need.

CMS Benefits You Cannot Ignore!

Ease Of Use

Web CMS makes it easy to manage your website with simple editing and content creation tools even if your knowledge of HTML or code is limited. Quickly make updates and see results across multiple pages of your website in seconds. Keep track of all changes and revisions.

Data Management

You can easily store and manage all your content online. Users can access documents from anywhere and share files instantly. Get a central view of all your users and content with a powerful admin console. Built-in search features lets your visitors quickly find information on your site.

Scalability & Performance

Your CMS should be capable of handling high or growing traffic as your business expands. Our solutions based on CMS software such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Umbraco and Mura can reliably deal with the most demanding of websites and are highly extensible.

Authorized Access

Allow your employees of different backgrounds to easily enter the CMS and view or edit content and access to files, folders and other information from any computer. Your team can focus on content updations and site management while you free up time for your core business functions.

Mobile Optimized

Your users can create, manage and publish content on mobile devices just as easily as they can on a desktop. Our mobile specific approach offers your mobile and tablet viewers a quick, efficient and optimized website experience.

Robust Security

Content management software such as Umbraco CMS & Joomla! are designed with stringent security in mind and offer protection against critical internet vulnerabilities. Our clients range from leading corporations, large brands to governments seeking secure CMS applications for safe operations.

Neologix is a CMS development company with expertise on a wide range of popular CMS platforms to create WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Kentico, Umbraco, WordPress websites and also SharePoint CMS for our clients across USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Singapore and the UAE and are committed to deliver flawless and exemplary solutions each and every time.

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