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Case Study

Online Gaming Website Development

Gaming website for developers to upload games &
discount coupon – advertisement display for vendors.

Gaming website for developers to upload games & discount coupon – advertisement display for vendors

Industry Online Gaming/Advertising
Customer OOMFR
ProjectOnline Gaming Website
Project Type Web Application
Technologies Objective PHP CodeIgniter, MYSQL, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery
Customer Location California, USA

The Oomfr application is a gaming platform developed by Neologix, which allows game developers to upload their games, vendors to upload coupons, and advertisers to display in-game advertisements. Customers can play games and obtain deals and offers from their favorite vendors.

About Client

Oomfr is a startup based in Laguna Hills, California. The client required Neologix to develop an ecosystem where users can play free games and obtain discounts/coupons to their favorite stores, in a smart and interactive way.

Quick Facts

Industry: Online Gaming/Advertising
Customer: OOMFR
Customer Locaton: California, USA
Project: Online Gaming Website
Type: Web Application
Technologies: PHP CodeIgniter, MYSQL, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery
Completion Date: Mid 2016
Key value: A gaming website using PHP

Project Summary

The Oomfr application mainly focuses on a gaming platform, which allows game developers to upload their games and to generate income through game development.

The website includes service providers who add discount coupons and associate it with the uploaded games.

The user or the consumer can access the discounts coupons by playing games and scoring points. Coupons are available for purchase directly from the website as well.

Project Features

The OOMFR gaming solution has the following main user roles:

Front-End Module:

  • Game Developers: Can upload games for players on the Oomfr website. Users can rate and comment on the games helping them to rank highly in the Top Rated and Most Popular category. Developers earn a percentage of revenue from advertisements which are played before their games.
  • Service Providers: Can add coupons to the website after purchasing a subscription plan. These coupons are rewarded to users upon reaching various game levels.
  • Consumers: Can play a variety of games in Oomfr and can obtain discount coupons at various game levels. Alternately consumers can even purchase coupons directly from the Oomfr website.
  • Advertisers: Can add the advertisements to be shown in Oomfr after subscription and can view statistics of their advertisements being played in Oomfr.

Back-End Module:

  • Admin: Manages the overall system. Admin can approve games and coupons to show in website. Admin can manage advertisement packages, see reports, downgrade and upgrade developers and service providers.

Technical Snapshot

  • Solution, design and architecture of gaming website.
  • Developed using PHP CodeIgniter.
  • Mobile friendly website
  • SEO module integration

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