Under normal circumstances, team members should be working from the same place to ensure they can share information and get projects going without delay. However, this is an ideal scenario. In this day and age of globalization and virtual offices, the reality is that employees are spread across the globe. This can make it difficult to complete projects and meet deadlines.

The geographical separation and time difference will work against your employees, delaying project after project. Rather than instantly sharing information and data, team members keep sending email attachments, and this can lead to confusion as they may not know which document or data is current or relevant. You can avoid this confusion in your business by adopting Microsoft SharePoint, a platform solution to help you strengthen communication, improve collaboration and grow your business.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is the leading business collaboration resource that meets a wide array of business needs of small to large organizations which include a majority of the Fortune 500 companies. It is prudent to remember that MS SharePoint is not a product. Rather, it is a full-fledged software platform; a platform designed to meet the needs of modern businesses. It contains several functionalities that are apt for businesses to turn them in more productive and efficient businesses. Microsoft SharePoint not only lets you keep your content and data organized, it also helps you streamline business processes.

If you are wondering how Microsoft SharePoint brings value to businesses, here are a few SharePoint benefits you should be aware of.

Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint

Facilitates Collaboration and Teamwork

One of the key business benefits of SharePoint is that the software allows you to check out other employees’ documents with ease and allows you to edit their documents. It also has an online chat board, where you can hold discussions with team members in real-time. This helps everyone involved in the project stay on the same page. It also saves time and money as you will no longer be sending emails back and forth and resorting to conference calls.

Organizes Business Content Systematically

If your business still allows employees to save presentations, data and other content in their hard drive or shared drives on the server, the content will be cluttered, making it difficult for you to find information when the need arises. Also, in such a situation, you will not be able to control who accesses the data.

SharePoint not only allows you to create websites for your team, department, project or customer, it also lets you create files that other team members can access and edit with permission. This makes it convenient for all information related to a single project stay in the same place with understandable labels and names. Above all, every authorized employee has access to current data and information. Effective data organization is is one main reason why organizations should use SharePoint.

Intranet Portal Development with SharePoint

A search-driven, dynamic, organic, and interactive corporate intranet is the key to achieving organizational success. It’s here that a SharePoint intranet portal emerges as the best portal software for enterprises across the world. If you want to speed up processes within your enterprise and boost powerful communications between your workforce, a SharePoint intranet portal will prove to be the best resource.

Automates Business Processes

Out of the many SharePoint benefits for businesses, business process automation is one key factor. Rather than spending time creating workflows, you can enter a few simple workflow commands into SharePoint and it miraculously creates the necessary workflows. This saves you time and lets you focus on more important business matters. In the meantime, SharePoint sends the workflow and an accompanying email to recipients informing them about their tasks. As soon as the recipient signs off, you will receive a notification.

Makes Analysis Easy

Today, businesses have a vast volume of data but cannot use it to their advantage. SharePoint makes it easy to create reports and share with team members. This allows the necessary information to be in a single place so that it can be analyzed and studied for better business results.

Lets Employees Make More Informed Decisions

Microsoft SharePoint can help your business by letting your employees make faster informed decisions. As stated earlier, you can create websites that contain business intelligence data sourced from different sources. Using the information available, employees and team members can access spreadsheets, KPIs and recent reports to make better and informed business decisions, which will have a positive effect on your business’ bottom line.

With all the above business benefits of Microsoft SharePoint, getting SharePoint deployed for your organization no longer remains an option but is a key competitive differentiator when it comes to business performance. Neologix is a leader in SharePoint development services and can help deliver a SharePoint solution that works for you, your business, and your end-users.

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