How Mobility And Analytics Will Impact Retail Sector

How Mobility And Analytics Will Impact Retail Sector

With the rapid advent of e-commerce, mobile innovations and technology has transformed the retail landscape to a great extent. Today is it hard to identify businesses without enterprise mobility solutions or data analytics for every potential business establishment. Today we provide our two cents on the future of business analytics and mobility as well as its impact on the retail sector.The year 2015 can be undoubtedly regarded as the golden era of analytics. Apart from an increase in the number of employees accessing business data

IoT (Internet of things) – an Insight, Trends and Stats for 2016

IoT or the Internet of Things is turning into an important topic at most workplaces. Not only can this concept affect people’s lives, but it also can have an impact on how people work. Today, Internet of Things has evolved into a complex terminology, encompassing technicalities and policies, and many businesses are still trying to grasp the meaning of it.In simple terminology, Internet of Things refers to the ability to connect any device to the Internet and to another device using an on and off button. Devices can be anything, right from your smartphone and headphones to your washing machine, lamps and coffee makers. If a device has an on and off switch, chances are high it can become part of the IoT.

Mobile app vs. mobile web? A strategic dilemma

Many people strongly believe that they do not require a native mobile app when the web page does a fair job on the mobile. They work well on the website that will look good on the mobile. Everyone needs a responsive website that works well on mobile. But there are certain benefits that the app provides which a web page cannot compete. Today we look at both mobile websites and mobile apps and our take on what form of digital presence your brand needs.A mobile website is nothing different from the actual one. They work almost the same way.

Importance of M-Commerce for businesses

It’s a well known fact that ecommerce has constantly grown to become a larger part of the commercial and retail landscape but what about mobile commerce? If one follows the growing number of smart phone users there would be several businesses who haven’t been quite keeping up with the change of trend. Several online stores are still un-optimized, unresponsive and this has been driving away the potential customers. Failing to come up with a successful M-commerce strategy puts businesses at a disadvantage. Well, here are some statistics that should convince you more: MCommerce transaction crossed the $115 billion mark in 2015 and by the end of next year; it is expected to reach $142 billion.

Driving employee performance with Mobile HRMS

Mobile phones have taken over the world and enterprises all across are using these devices to power their operations. Research suggests that 50% of top enterprises have charted mobility in their “To Do List”. Gartner research also indicates that 25% of organization will have deployed enterprise applications especially HRMS by the year 2017. Further, organizations are also encouraging employees to adopt BYOD (bring your own device) to ease out their work. There would be few organizations today that haven’t understood the importance of manpower for successful business operations. From leave applications to work sharing, enterprise applications in HRMS leads to accurate reporting and streamlining the workflow.

Intranet portal for employee engagement – A necessity?

The workplaces of today are a lot different from the ones we pushed ourselves to a decade ago. Today, when companies are looking to be more social, creative and transparent, it becomes a requirement to keep the workplace happy. Well, it certainly does take more than money to keep your employees engaged in a happy way. Organization that promote higher degree of engagement also report a 22% increase in their productivity, according to a study by Gallup. Strong employee engagement is good both for both customers and employees. Highly engaged organizations can double the rate of their engagement and the difference is very much noticeable.

Creative Way to Harness Employee Productivity Now Possible

Human Capital has always been a tremendous asset for many industry verticals. The range of skills and competencies presented by your workforce remains diverse and lets you achieve your expected business outcomes. However as a business owner or as part of leadership, you need to ensure proper mechanisms are in place for optimal utilization of this valuable asset. An employee mobile application solution is one viable medium that provides you with clarity on critical performance metrics of an employee, such as